D&D Miniatures Revised Edition Rules and Cards

This page contains rules and information for playing the revised (current) edition of D&D Miniatures, released in March 2008 and relaunched in March 2009. If you are looking for rules and information for playing the original edition, look here.

Game Rules 27 pages | 12.57 MB PDF
This is the most recent edition of the Battle Rules. It says Beta, but these are the prescribed rules for casual and competitive play. (Link updated 05/19/2014)

Map Gazetteer
The Map Gazetteer precisely describes each map legal in the revised game, including information on what kinds of terrain each square is considered. (Last updated 11/19/2009)

Errata 7 pages | 92 KB PDF
Updated Errata and FAQ for Guild-issued cards and Wizards-issued cards for which no Guild cards have been issued. (Last updated 1/25/2010). Several cards that have been banned, have been reissued new cards. You can find those cards in this document.

Downloadable Stat Cards

These are printable documents containing stat cards and the booster inserts from each set released under the revised edition rules.

The Equivalency List describes a large number of miniatures that have been pre-printed or reprinted in other Wizards of the Coast Products.
These miniatures are legal in the revised game when used with the correct card . (Last updated 1/18/2018)

Note: The errata and restat update above is not yet incorporated into these stat cards, so you will need both these cards and the Errata & FAQ listed above for the most up-to-date information. Quick link to the banned and rereleases stat cards: this document.

Harbinger through Desert of Desolation were originally released under the original edition of the rules. Official updated stat cards for those sets have been updated for use in the revised ruleset and can be downloaded here.

Item Stat Cards

These are printable documents containing item stat cards released for use with the Battle Rules (2009) edition.