About DDM Guild

The DDM Guild is the community-driven organization formed to continue development and support of the D&D Miniatures game, including maintaining rules, sanctioned and unsanctioned events, and creating new cards for future D&D Miniatures sets.

D&D Miniatures Skirmish? What is that?

D&D Miniatures Skirmish mimics D&D RPG combat, but takes less time and requires only two players. Each player builds a warband from several miniatures, who are then pitted against each other. The rules are similar to D&D RPG-combat, but streamlined as appropriate for a head-to-head game.

It relies on strategy, tactics and a bit of luck. Some people play it when they wait for late arrivals in their RPG group, others go to tournaments or conventions and play with other people.

A Guild for DDM? Why?

D&D Miniatures have an obvious use on the RPG table. But since the launch of the line, Wizards of the Coast have added special skirmish statistics cards. Since that time D&D Skirmish has attracted a large, committed and, above all, friendly community.

In October 2008, Wizards of the Coast announced plans to change the packaging scheme starting with the release of Dangerous Delves in June 2009, and would cease to support the Skirmish game. The community discussed their options and it became clear that they wanted the Skirmish game to continue. Several initiatives were launched and discussed with Wizards of the Coast, and after a short while, Wizards announced that they put the Skirmish game in the hand of the DDM Guild.

Since then the DDM Guild has updated the rules to include errata and released stat cards for sets released by Wizards of the Coast and multiple sets of item cards. These can all be downloaded for free at the D&D Miniatures Battle Rules page.

I want to play! How?

Contact your local chapter master! The DDM Guild is organized in regional chapters and chances are good that there is a chapter close to you. The chapter master can point you to other players in your neighbourhood, help you play the game, etc, etc. You can also find players on the forum.

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If there isn't a chapter close to you, contact us! We'll arrange something for you.

You guys are great! Who are you actually?

D. Garry Stupack (Organized Play Lead) began playing D&D Miniatures in 2003 as a way to share time and a common hobby with his son, Darien. As they became entrenched in the competitive side of the game, Garry was recruited to help support the Organized Play activities, and has been judging all types of WotC miniatures games at major cons since Gen Con So Cal in 2004 (he's also been the head judge for most of the events in the recent years after finishing in the top 8 at the constructed Championships in 2005 and 2006). Garry (and son) have both had Star Wars Miniatures scenarios and D&D Miniatures web articles published on the WotC web site, and Garry has been involved with the Wizards D&D Miniatures team since the coming of the Revised Battle Rules (check the credits inside). As the leader of several restat teams (beginning with the recently released Blood War), and a coauthor of the DDM Oracle resource, he's shown both a knowledge of the game and a dedication to it that make him a prime pick to sustain future D&D Miniatures skirmish game development.

Kevin Tatroe (Guildmaster and Revised Edition Lead Designer) has run the popular D&D Miniatures fansite Hordelings for five years. More recently, he took on the mantle of developing the DDM Oracle and DDM Comprehensive Rules Guide. He was co-designer of the War of the Dragon Queen restats, led the teams designing the Deathknell and Giants of Legend restats, and would have been seriously let down if the Gauth weren't tier 1. He has written numerous adventures for the RPGA, including numerous Xen'drik Expedition ones. By day (and often by night), he is a software engineer at Flying Lab Software and has written or contributed to several programming books. Kevin owns a frog hat, and looks ridiculous in it.

David Balder (Chapter Lead and Webmaster) is playing RPG's since he was 15 years old. But it still took him around 10 years to discover his first D&D Miniatures. But since that time, just before the Dungeons of Dread rules shift, he was hooked. David also quickly discovered organized play and has played his share of tournaments, including the 2008 European Championship. Quickly after Wizards of the Coast made the DDM Guild the custodian of D&D Miniatures, David assumed duties as the Dutch Chaptermaster. During that time, he also started judging, including at the 2009 and 2010 European Championships. Starting in 2010, he took over duties as Chapter Lead from Jim Ansaldo (who did a stellar job before him). David didn't win any prizes at those tournaments, but quite soon after that last tournament, Davids daughter was born. She is his real prize. Though his online presense suffered from the sustained sleep loss, but he is back with a vengeance. In his other life, David works as a government official in the field of soil remediation. Seriously, it is not as dull as it sounds.