Special scenarios released by the DDM Guild.

Gargantuan Blue Dragon scenario

The DDM Guild is pleased to release the scenario and stat card for the Gargantuan Blue Dragon.

The scenario that we’ve chosen is focuses on a very special ancient Blue Dragon; Iymrith the Queen of the Cold Desert; Dragon of the Statues. The link to the scenario is further down in the article, but for those interested in Iymrith’s background… You can read more about her here.. I think you will see why we chose her as our Iconic Blue.

Orcus, Prince of Undeath

Long awaited, much anticipated, here is Orcus! The Orcus scenario pits a seasoned group of adventurers against the Prince of the Undead, in one of his lairs. But beware, for recent events have left Orcus in a greatly empowered state. (perhaps a recent encounter with the Raven Queen?)

Whether you play the role of Orcus, revelling in your role as a merciless titan, or take on the role of the underdog Heroes out to stop him, the scenario is dynamic and has a high replay factor. Enjoy!

Download Orcus here

Happy Valentine's Day

Strange things are afoot…

Valentine’s day is a day of loves held and lost, of both joy and sometimes, loneliness. In all cases, it is a day of mischief for Cupid. This year in particular, Cupid has been causing strange pairings with his magic arrows. Owlbears with Otyughs, Mindflayers with Minotaurs. Something is wrong, and clearly, Cupid needs to be stopped.

Module G2: Messenger

The undead hordes are loose in the forest, and the elves are quickly becoming overwhelmed. They cannot stand alone against the growing dark force. Their only chance is to get aid from allies to the west. But can their messenger get through?

Scenario G2, messenger, was written by 2005 constructed champion Jason Lioi, and details the plight of these unfortunate elves. The scenario also includes long-awaited campaign cards for the undead and for the elves. You can download the scenario here.

Scenario G1, another way to play DDM

The guild is pleased to release scenario G1, Escalation, which presents an entirely different way to play Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures. This is the first in the G series of modules, which are meant to be ‘general’ in nature. Rather than following a specific story arc, they can be adapted to a number of different situations, and they typically provide a slightly different format for play. G2, in editing, was written by Jason Lioi and will follow the same pattern.

Scenario D4: Drow Impasse

As the fight for trade resources in the Underdark accelerated, Drow House Scy’Todes and the upstart Drow House P’Ortia engaged in many small skirmishes in throughout their many holdings. Farmed caverns and distant outposts. While fear of other Drow houses kept these houses from large scale battles, numerous clandestine clashes throughout the Underdark claimed many sons and daughters from the two Drow houses. Lolth looked upon the ingenuity and viciousness of her children, and she smiled.