Happy Valentine's Day

Strange things are afoot…

Valentine’s day is a day of loves held and lost, of both joy and sometimes, loneliness. In all cases, it is a day of mischief for Cupid. This year in particular, Cupid has been causing strange pairings with his magic arrows. Owlbears with Otyughs, Mindflayers with Minotaurs. Something is wrong, and clearly, Cupid needs to be stopped.

But can he be beaten at 100 points, in a straight up ‘winner takes all fight?’ This is not an easy proposition, but it represents a fun challenge for a pair of players. As with all ‘unbalanced’ scenarios, we recommend playing matches of two games, with each player taking a turn with the troublesome Cherub. The non-cupid warband uses standard warband buidling rules. It can include up to 8 figures and 100 points, and may select any small map (automatically winning map choice). However, creatures immune to immobilized are illegal in this scenario.


Optional Play:

Two major options stick their heads out here. First, after you have played range 5 for a few games, you can extend Cupid’s range from 5 to to “nearest” to alter your tactics.

You can also count victory points for occupying victory areas in each match as an option (perhaps Cupid has buried something), and make the challenge ‘total VP collected over 2 matches,’ remembering that a given match ends when one side goes over 100 points.

Have fun.


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People are going to be very active come Valentine's Day. This day means a lot to them. - Larry Starr Sarasota

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