Scenario G1, another way to play DDM

The guild is pleased to release scenario G1, Escalation, which presents an entirely different way to play Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures. This is the first in the G series of modules, which are meant to be ‘general’ in nature. Rather than following a specific story arc, they can be adapted to a number of different situations, and they typically provide a slightly different format for play. G2, in editing, was written by Jason Lioi and will follow the same pattern.

When playing DDM using the scenario G1 , the game only ends when all units belonging to your opponent are removed from the battle map. Players start with a modest force,that can nonetheless quickly build above the standard 200 points. To accomplish this, players move creatures to occupy victory areas, which allow them to ‘earn’ points that they can later spend to acquire new units. Playtesting shows that once a team starts losing, it can all be over quickly (if they haven’t been careful in allocating their resources). This can be countered, in part, by having additional players. So while this scenario is good for two players, it is also a great scaleable format for 4+ players as well, particulary if you can put a couple maps together.

On this last note, if you like to customize your play, then feel free to add victory areas. This was also determined to make the game more interesting during playtesting. In scenario G1, we’ve included a tile that can be used to add one (or more, if you duplicate it) victory areas. This permits G1 to be replayed with several variations on the recommended maps. Of course, where you place the Victory Area should be decided with your opponents before the game starts. Alternatively, you can have one player place the Victory Area and let the other player set up first. The additional victory area also allow play on other maps. Want to play on Evermelt, a single victory area map? Add two or four additional ones and it works just fine. Multiplayer? Flooded ruins and Dwarven Outpost fit togther nicely as a double-sized map for 4 players (start in 4 map corners), and its fun to include at least one VA as an ‘island.’

Download G1 here.

G1 also introduces two new campaign cards, but once you master this, feel free to play with any of , those already released.


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I totally agree with this post. The game indeed is a very interesting one. - KSA Kosher

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This is an interesting addition - can't wait to try it out. A question though - players start the game with a 60 point 5 creature warband and then add any other creatures they choose (which do not violate the rules) - right? Or they bring a predefined set can only choose new creatures from there?

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Hello tried, is there a misprint on the campaign card for the Leafshorn Guardians? I'm thinking that it should read "plant creatures with total cost up to 20%..." instead of "beast creatures". It better fits with the contents of the rest of the card. Thanks.

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