And the Winner is...

...And the winner is... Louis Martineau, also known as Skyscraper. His concept to have a covert piece start from the opponents start area, rather than your own, places a novel and unique perspective on the game. We are releasing the card here.

The Tyranny Contest

As promised in the last announcement, a contest is coming, and this is it. Despite the number of years we've been around, I think this is actually our first design contest. I'm looking forward to seeing your ideas on display!

Tyranny; the Gift that keeps on Giving.

Here, we are releasing a new set of items for DDM; The Tools of Tyranny. This is an experiment in part, because here we do a theme we've not done before. I'm not talking about items dedicated to a race - we did that with the orcs. Rather, we are releasing a set of items where each can be used by only a single creature.

GenCon Treats

Gencon saw the release of four different promotional item cards. While these cards may be included in a future set, I can't see any reason not to release them for play right now.

Decadence: Items of Grandeur

The summer tournament season is upon us, and many of you will be spending that time designing new, interesting and even unexpected warbands. Here are some new toys to do this with.

Ten Years of DDM The Decade in Retrospect: Part III, Transition

We continue with the third in our series of DDM retrospectives.
By Moraturi


Product Releases for 2007

Mid January
The Gargantuan Blue Dragon was released as the third in the line of Icons. This was greeted as one one of the most dynamic gargantuan sculpts to date.

March 5th
Unhallowed was released in booster packs which contained 8 figures (4 Commons, 3 Uncommons, and 1 Rare). There were a total of 60 figures in the set, including a total of 12 Commons, 24 Uncommons and 24 Rares.

July 6th