Monster Menagerie 2

For your weekend enjoyment, Monster Menagerie II. I have to say that when I started the process of design for MM2, I was not particularly inspired. I wasn't sure that the set was going to be useful or interesting. I'm very happy to report that I could not have been more wrong.

Time for a second Preview of MM2

The second 'preview' of MM2 has no theme. I thought we might just try the 'start from page 1' idea and go from there. In keeping with one of the developers comments that this is one of the best sealed sets ever I noticed that, just with these 8 commons, you could actually have a fun little 100 point tournament.

Huh. Go figure.
Just roll 8d8 and go from there.

Tribes of Uthgar

Uthgar’s Children

You’ve seen before that the Guild has released stand-alone sets of Item Cards. You’ve seen that we have released Stand-alone sets of creatures. From time to time, we have even added a few item cards to creature sets, such as in Elemental Evils or the Dungeon Command Orc set. However, this is the first time we released a set of Cards and creatures that were completely intercompatible. It was an experiment, and an opportunity too tempting to pass up.

Summer 2017 Restats and GenCon Alpha v3 rules

We've been keeping on eye on creatures that seem overpowered, or are otherwise bad for the health of the game. There are four creatures that we've modified to ensure the metagame stays healthy and diverse. Without further ado, you can see them here:
Summer 2017 Restats

And you can also see a list of all restats to date here:
All Restats


The Storm King is here. My friends, welcome to the Storm Kings Thunder. The set is greatly overdue, but I believe it is a phenomenal set that should finally allow the big boys a place on the competitive battle maps of the world. And with the great-looking miniatures that are part of this set, you will want to show them off. At least I would.

DDM Administration: Secrets Leaked.

There is an ongoing investigation within the DDM guild to determine the source of recent leaks of information. It has been suggested that certain groups of Highwayman and Raiders have direct ties to high level Drow agents. At least, several of their stock cards have been seen next to each other on the same page. Follow the breaking story here.