The Not-So-Glass Menagerie.

Tennessee Williams wrote the Glass Menagerie in 1944, and an iconic glass unicorn from that play is the symbol of this set. This set does include a Unicorn, but its definitely not weaker than those made previously. Aside from a few 'glass cannons,' the similarities to the play end there. And by class cannons, I would suggest a certain undead piece above 130 points that now does the highest outright damage in the game. But only has 80 HP himself. One of the most scary enemies in D&D, it can now be a real threat in DDM.

It is a set with many undead, and it has a Barovian Theme. All of the undead are fearsome, each for what they are, in my reckoning. The new Strahd variant is very interesting, and far more powerful than the gypsy D'Avenir, who would oppose him. She. will. need. help.

It also introduces a host of new low level iconics, and has the first medusa in revised edition that I can recall which can repeatedly and reasonably efficiently petrify enemies.

There are other scary things and some interesting tech. The phase spiders will have some utility, especially on heavily walled maps, but also need a boost to their damage. The Bat swarm blocks line of sight. And new variants of old favorites, like the manticore, minotaur, mummy, Erinyes and umber hulk are quite interesting and reminiscent of the old pieces, even as they depart from the old ways. Perhaps not as high powered as rage of demons, the Monster Menagerie set comes close in many ways, and the design team is very satisfied with it.

Hope you will be too.

Enjoy the set, found HERE.


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Release Notes

Faerie Dragon
Misdirect vs. Warcleave Skeleton's Bad Luck for you power: Both have the same trigger window. Whichever ability is used last will take precedence.

Strahd Zombie, Relentless
Disembodied Claw: Use when this creature hits with a Claws attack: Target has ongoing 10 damage (save ends) and this creature has -10 damage until end of battle.

The -10 damage will apply to the attack that Claws is used, since the trigger is during the "hit" attack step, which is before the "apply damage" attack step. So, an attack with Disembodied Claw will do 10 + 10 ongoing damage.

Valiant Unicorn
Greater Teleport:
Minor action: This creature and up to 1 adjacent Good ally teleport 10 and must end in spaces adjacent to each other.

Both creatures resolve their teleport simultaneously. They both leave their previous spaces simultaneously, and arrive at their new spaces simultaneously.

Swarm of Bats
Line of sight may enter, but not pass through, this creature’s space.

Line of Sight that is drawn along the edge or corner of the Swarm of Bats' space is treated the same as if it were drawn along a wall.

A creature shares a space with the Swarm of Bats may draw line of sight from the outside edge of Swarm of Bats (assuming it's also in that square) on its turn (the reasons for this will be more clear in the future), but still cannot draw line of sight through the Swarm of Bats.

Mummy, Dunestalker
Stalked Foe
+5 damage vs. an enemy with the highest (or tied for highest) Champion Rating among all enemies. (Non-champions count as CR 0.)

If no enemies are champions, then they are all CR 0 and all tied for highest, and therefore Stalked Foe applies to all of them. This is a convenience of rewording the power to save text space, and note that non-Champion creatures are not typically considered champions at all.

(burst 3) +11 vs. Will; 10 psychic damage AND Confused. Hit or miss, Fey creatures heal 10 HP after all attacks are resolved.

A Fey creature with 10 HP that is hit by Reverie will heal on the hit/miss result (before the "Apply Damage" step), and then the damage resolves in the "Apply Damage" step, so it wouldn't be destroyed. A Fey creature that is at full HP gains no benefit from the heal, and may still take damage.

Medusa Consort
Use when an Immobilized enemy within 3 squares of this creature fails a save: That enemy is Petrified (save ends).

If a creature gains a new condition with a duration of save ends while rolling saves in the End of Turn step, that creature must wait until next turn to make a save against the new condition, because the saves may only be directed against pre-existing conditions. If the creature has other conditions that still require saves, it must continuing rolling saves.

In that case, if it happens to roll a 20, all conditions that require a save are removed per the rules, including the new condition.

Ghostly Jaunt:
Whenever an enemy is Dominated by this creature’s Possess attack: Remove this creature from the battle map. Whenever the Dominated condition ends, place this creature adjacent to that enemy.

If a creature is destroyed, any conditions on it are ended automatically.
Creatures don't take turns if they're off the battle map.
If the ghost returns from its Ghostly Jaunt mid-round, the Ghost will get a turn that round.

Werewolf Brute
Howling Moon:
(burst 10, enemies level 5 or lower only) +12 vs. Will; 5 psychic damage (Fear) AND 5 ongoing psychic damage.

As written, only the initial 5 psychic damage is a (Fear) effect, and the ongoing damage is not.

Note that this creature's name is somewhat confusingly "Vampire," but there is also a keyword "Vampire." For the CP abilities below, they refer to the keyword Vampire, and not only a creature named Vampire. We decided to name this creature Vampire since it matches the name on the bottom of the miniature.

CP 2: Use when a Vampire ally is hit by an attack: That ally has Insubstantial until the end of its next turn.

Insubstantial will apply vs. that attack, since the trigger is during the "hit" attack step, which is before the "apply damage" attack step.

CP 1: Use when a Vampire destroys a living enemy: Add a Vampire ally with cost 16 VP or less to your warband.

If a player controls multiple creatures named Vampire, only one of the CP1 effects can resolve per living enemy destroyed. Adding a creature to a player's warband affects that player, and therefore the Duplicate Effect rule applies, which prohibits a player from being affected by the same power more than once for a given trigger.

Over the course of the game, if many living enemies are destroyed and there are sufficient uses of Vampire CP1 available, a large number of vampire spawns can be added to the same player's warband.

The new Vampire Spawn appears in a square that enemy last occupied. Technically, the proper trigger for CP 1 should be "Use after...", which would resolve after the destruction. As written, the "Use when..." trigger technically resolves before the enemy has been destroyed, and therefore it still occupies the square where the Vampire Spawn is trying to appear.

Illydia Maethellyn
Use during setup: Choose a keyword.
Protection Circle: (Aura 3) Enemies with the Prepared keyword have -2 attack vs. this creature and each ally in aura.

The "Prepared" keyword is the keyword chosen by this creature's Prepare power.

Rakshasa Illusionist
Major Resistance: Ignores attacks with a printed attack bonus of +10 or less, unless that attack is a critical hit.

The Rakshasa can be targeted normally, but no effects of the attack (hit or miss) will apply to this creature unless the attack is a critical hit.

CP 2: Use when an ally is targeted by an attack: That ally and another ally switch spaces. The attacker may target the switched creature instead.

This is not a redirect effect. It gives the attacking player the option to remove the old target and select a new one.

When creatures of different size switch spaces, follow the existing ruling on the Drider Sorcerer's Baleful Transportation (line 93): If the creatures are different sizes, the smaller creature must occupy as many spaces as possible that the larger creature occupied. The larger creature must occupy all the spaces that the smaller creature occupied.

If both creatures can't legally occupy their new spaces, the switch fizzles, and since no creature was actually switched, the attacker can't change targets. (i.e. the CP could be used and would fizzle.)

If the attacker is making a normal melee attack (reach 1) vs. a large creature, and then this CP is used to swap in a medium creature, the medium creature and the large creature could both end in squares that aren't adjacent to the attacker. In that case, whether the attacker chooses to switch targets or not, the attack will fizzle at the start of Step #5 when valid targets are checked (since a melee attack of reach 1 can't successfully target non-adjacent targets).

Succubus Enchanter
Lurid Bait:
Use at start of enemy’s turn, only if that enemy is within 10 squares: That enemy’s first action must be a move action, and it must move adjacent to this creature. If it cannot, it is Immobilized until the end of its turn.

To resolve this effect, look ahead to calculate if the targeted creature has enough movement to end adjacent to the Succubus Enchanter, assuming available movement modes and no powers are used. If yes, the creature must move along a path that would result it in ending adjacent, assuming no powers are used. If the creature starts moving along such a path and then a power is used, making it impossible to end adjacent, the creature immediately becomes Immobilized.

If the creature can only reach the Succubus Enchanter via using a power or powers, the targeted creature's controller may optionally decide to use those powers to end adjacent (and not be Immobilized), or the player may opt not to use the powers and the creature is Immobilized. If the player opts to end adjacent, the player must use the powers to result in the creature ending adjacent. If the powers are uncertain or have a random element, and at any point it becomes clear that the creature will be unable to end adjacent, the creature immediately becomes Immobilized.

If the creature cannot end adjacent and is Immobilized, it must still take a move action first. In that case, the creature may do anything it wishes with the move action, but that probably isn't much since it's Immobilized.

The movement provokes opportunity attacks normally.

Death Knight Baron
CP 1:
Use at start of round: Until end of battle, this creature or an Undead ally has +5 fire, +5 cold, or +5 necrotic damage (choose 1).

This does not stack with itself, even if you pick different damage types, since the name of the power is the full text and will be the same, due to the Duplicate Effects rule. If you use the power twice on the same creature, you could change the chosen damage type, though.

Ezmerelda D’Avenir
Protection Charm:
This creature and adjacent allies are Immune Dazed and Immune Confused.

If a Confused or Dazed ally becomes adjacent to Ezmerelda at any time, that ally gains Immune Dazed and Immune Confused while it's adjacent, and therefore the Confused and/or Dazed effect immediately ends. The condition will not come back once the ally isn't adjacent, since it ends (not merely suppresses) once immune.

Githyanki Warleader
Telekinetic Leap:
Immediate action, use at any time: This creature or 1 ally within 10 squares moves up to its speed with Flight.

Recall that the "At any time" powers are triggered using the Default Condition rule:
1) At the start or end of any creature's turn
2) When this creature declares an attack
3) When this creature is attacked
4) When this creature enters a square

Strahd, Lord of Barovia
Counts as the same name as "Count Strahd Von Zarovich, Vampire" and due to Unique rules, cannot be included in the same warband.

Creatures of the Night: Attack action: Add 2 Wolf allies or 1 Swarm ally with total cost 10 VP or less to your warband. Place each within 10 squares of this creature.

By default, newly added creatures:
- Can exceed warband creature limit and warband point limit (obviously)
- Must still observe faction, unique, and good/evil restrictions
- If they are added before the end-of-round step, they can act normally (obviously card text can modify this). If added during end-of-round step, then it's too late for actions this round and they'll act next round.

CP 1: Use at start of a Vampire’s turn: That Vampire is Insubstantial until it attacks.
Refers to a creature type Vampire (i.e. the keyword) and not a creature named Vampire.

CP 2: Use at any time: Slide a Dazed enemy 4 squares.

Recall that the "At any time" powers are triggered using the Default Condition rule:
1) At the start or end of any creature's turn
2) When this creature declares an attack
3) When this creature is attacked
4) When this creature enters a square

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I'm crumbling under new stuff Smile

You guys rock. The flavor of the new creatures keeps getting better and better it seems.

The Fire Beetle's Phosphorescent death is an awesome ability for a 5 point creature.

The Faerie Dragon's play with victory areas is a fun idea.

The disembodied claw... lol! What a great idea! And the zombie is never bloodied, clever.

The skeleton champion has amusing victory area and reassembling abilities.

The new petricication text (seen in recent sets) seems, if not as straightforward as other abilities such as stunned or helpless, a good compromise.

Valiant Unicorn: unlimited condition removal! Wow! That's really awesome. Plus it impales. I already liked the old unicorn, this one will most assuredly end up in a warband very soon Smile Happy happy joy joy.

(The old unicorn allowed to remove one effect; the new one allows to remove a condition. Can anyone remind me what the difference is?)

Obsucuring ability of the swarm of bats: great idea!

The electric jello... er gelatinous cube. Sounds like fun Smile

Permanently invisible creatures. Interesting. Were there others in older sets? I don't recall having seen any.

Power. Word. Kill. Holy fricking crap. Finger of death on top of it? This lich will be feared as it should be!

There are a few creatures with additional powers vs undead. This seems wise given how undead just got a boost out of this set Smile

Stradh is cool Smile

I could go on, I'm just tired of typing Smile This set is quite simply the most appealing one I've seen in all sets up to now, at a first read and without the benefit of having playtested any piece. This is based on (1) the flavor of the powers; (2) originality; (3) nice new mechanics; (4) a good coordination between #1, 2 and 3; and (5) my present good mood Smile

Hats off to the design team, you obviously had fun designing this set and it shows.


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I'm curious though: why does the "orc" from this set, rebaptised "orc heavy foot", have the "orog" keyword; while the Orog Orc Fighter from Tyranny of Dragons, doesn't.

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We reconsidered the use of the word Orog for synergies moving forward?


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Okay, sounds like a plan Smile

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That does sound promising. Half Elves need some help too. They hardly have any synergy.

And thank you for this fantastic new set. It's fun trying to put together new combinations.

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This really is a fantastic set!

So very cool flavour and ideas, as skyscraper above listed. I'm also glad to see certain keywords expand a little (for example Wolf) as far as the value goes. The Barovian feeling is great. Even the Forsaken Cove makes an "appearance" again. Curious to see where all the new keyword ideas (Orog, Filcher [my favourite], Lightning...) take things.
I want to give thanks to tried and the design team for not putting out too many reprints - you came through with new ideas and adjustments - also for the ones priced the same as a possible copy candidate. That work really goes far to broaden the variety within those races (keywords) that may have very few figures/cards (rakshasas, for example).

Area Attack Q about the tournament legality of figures with more than one card with it's name on it. Not that it necessarily matters much, but out of curiosity (and because I more likely than not will get asked this): Can you play either Satyr (or Dread Warrior) figure with either card? Thanks.

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I'd also like an answer to plastic finn's question above, please.

Personally, I don't see a problem with interchanging them. The only slight conflict would be that the original Satyr from Underdark is 15 pts in cost and it says so on its base, while the new Satyr from Monster Menagerie has no printed cost on the bottom (and its stat card has a cost of 17). The same costing inconsistency would apply to the Dread Warrior.

Again, to help out the newer players, I'd rather have them be interchangeable.

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Unlikely to be interchangeable, and very likely that the new pieces will be banned, renamed, rereleased.