Drow in Ascension

Wizard, Rogue, Fighter .... Barbarian? Ok. Maybe not quite what you think of when you think of Drow, but, when one considers the number of Drow priests and simple warriors out there, maybe its time to round things out. I think you will agree, however, that this quartet is a power up to the whole Drow community. Welcome the four new Drow from the upcoming set. I think you will find that they have wonderful synergies...

The first up is the Drider Brutefang.
A Drider. Who is a Brute.

I say, heck yeah! In this guy's case, absolutely. Think of him as the big hairy tarantula cousin of the other Driders - stomping around with his 8 legs, maybe a little less coordinated than his peers, and fighting without a lick of typical Drow finesse. No wonder this one was 'blessed' with Driderhood.

The Drow Captain is a nice second choice. You will notice that his first champion power is exactly the same as a Deep Dragon - which is awesome for his Drow and Stealth compatriots, because who doesn't like +2 to hit and + 10 damage? But it doesn't stack with the Dragon's power, because their wording is exact - (they are the same power). He has a weird way to heal allies, maybe due to a joyful little token from Lolth that laughs whenever a enemy dies in a blessed way. Which is really just saying that the Drow take joy in the sorrow of others. Except for the fact that he is a noble, and eminently lootable, you will find he is otherwise the straight up sword and crossbow type you come to expect in a Drow fighter.

Continuing clockwise around the preview image, we meet the Drow Scout, and we quickly find we are back in the realm of the quick and dexterous. Two quick attacks, a preference for ambush, a love for the Captain and the Archmage make this guy happy to be in this set. The blaze of instinct just puts him over the top.

Last, we have the Archmage. Koen designed him, not to be a hammer (and not to be a nail) but maybe to be more of a Swiss Army knife. He really can do it all, at least a little bit. He can blast at distance. He can lay down cover. He can act as a controller. He can mark an enemy. He can fly. (handy for maps like....Drow Outpost?) I think this is an awesome blend of tech and firepower. Sure to see play.


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7 July 2011
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Holy Machiavelli!
These are beauties.

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27 August 2011
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Hey Chuck, it looks like the Drow just got stronger.

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10 July 2013
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The drow (cloud of) darkness is a nice flavorful thematic ability that has a cool synergy with the other pieces of this set with the ambush strike. Nicely done!

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7 July 2011
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They are a major improvement for the Drow "faction", which has a lot of pieces who are a little bit disappointing. The four new Drow are game- and themewise very nice.

The Captain is huge - the mighty Champion power of the Deep Dragon for a cost of 47 instead of 67! I also like Noble Firstboy on him - makes him an even bigger target.

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Wow .. looks beautiful. It looks very cool. - promote your soundcloud music

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