Previews of stats for new sets.

Time for a second Preview of MM2

The second 'preview' of MM2 has no theme. I thought we might just try the 'start from page 1' idea and go from there. In keeping with one of the developers comments that this is one of the best sealed sets ever I noticed that, just with these 8 commons, you could actually have a fun little 100 point tournament.

Huh. Go figure.
Just roll 8d8 and go from there.

DDMv3 Alpha

Hi DDMers.

As you know, we've been trying a more comprehensive approach to DDM that will eliminate corner cases, clarify what a power is, clarify what an act is, and even an attack, for those bizarre corner cases that crop up from year to year. This can help to guide exactly how you manage your match in a game that now has well over 1500 distinct creature options for your sessions. I have no idea how many powers there are.

DDM Administration: Secrets Leaked.

There is an ongoing investigation within the DDM guild to determine the source of recent leaks of information. It has been suggested that certain groups of Highwayman and Raiders have direct ties to high level Drow agents. At least, several of their stock cards have been seen next to each other on the same page. Follow the breaking story here.

SKT Preview 1: There's a new boss in town.

SKT is all about the giants. They have finished design, but we are still playing with the development. But you've all been waiting very patiently, so I thought we could start sharing a bit of what's coming in the new set. There is indeed a new boss in town, and things could get bloody.

You'll see what I mean.

Potential grammatical or template typos aside, this is the final for the Night Hag.

Smoke and Fire...

Poof! The Genie appears, eager to make the heroes wishes come true, altering reality. Sear! The Efreeti appears with more base intentions, often bringing with him some fiery friends. These are the magical elemental creatures from Rage of Demons, and they are both prone to travel with others of their kind.

Drow in Ascension

Wizard, Rogue, Fighter .... Barbarian? Ok. Maybe not quite what you think of when you think of Drow, but, when one considers the number of Drow priests and simple warriors out there, maybe its time to round things out. I think you will agree, however, that this quartet is a power up to the whole Drow community. Welcome the four new Drow from the upcoming set. I think you will find that they have wonderful synergies...

The first up is the Drider Brutefang.
A Drider. Who is a Brute.