Welcome to the renewed DDM Guild website

Maybe you haven't noticed, but we've changed our website. The layout hasn't really changed, but there are a lot of changes under the hood. In this post we tell you what is working right now, and what we are implementing in the near future. Rest assured that we want to be the premiere source for your Dungeons&Dragons Miniatures needs.

On to the changes that you can see:

  • You will be able to discuss all your D&D Miniatures needs in our forum, once all accounts are imported.
  • Using our RSS-feeds, you can subscribe to any content you like.
  • We've updated the rules and cards pages for both the revised and original editions.
  • You can now search through our website.
  • Let your friends know about content on our website, by linking to it on all kind of social networks.
  • All users from the old website are imported.
  • You can now subscribe to individual content items.

But there are also things that we're still working on. If you have any other things you'd want us to do, let us know through the contact us webform or the forums.

  • Can we get some sort of oracle functionality build into the website? Probably, but it will take some time to think through, build and implement.
  • Support special pages for chapters? Very real possibility, I just need to know what features you want.. Wink

We hope that you will enjoy the new DDM Guild website. I also want to say thank you to Kevin Tatroe, who has been the DDM Guild webmaster and has generously hosted ddmguild.com until now.



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7 July 2011
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The website is looking good. I love the new Maps tab. These will really come in handy for those who are having trouble finding these maps. It's especially nice that you have most of them available in 8 x 11 tiles since most people don't have big printers.

I also like the additions to the cards section. The Lords of Madness and Beholders Collection cards are a nice addition. Players who prefer the "original" rules will really like being able to print off replacement cards. Many times when people buy or trade minis, they don't have the original cards any more.

Having a forum on here is a nice touch as well. Will it replace Hordelings and/or MaxMinis? With so many forums (including these two mentioned as well as the ones on Wizards Community and Facebook), it will be interesting to see which forums more players use.

I don't see a link to deadseashoals but otherwise, great job guys!

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5 December 2013
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4 years 4 weeks

The website is going to be very good. Indeed, it is something we need to take note of. - Charles Brennan

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24 December 2017
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