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Summer 2017 Restats and GenCon Alpha v3 rules

We've been keeping on eye on creatures that seem overpowered, or are otherwise bad for the health of the game. There are four creatures that we've modified to ensure the metagame stays healthy and diverse. Without further ado, you can see them here:
Summer 2017 Restats

And you can also see a list of all restats to date here:
All Restats

New Maps!

Some of you might remember a DDM Map Design contest from more than a year ago. I've been reluctant to post much about it because I wasn't entirely sure we'd ever actually get new maps. It's a long process to refine the maps, playtest, work with the artists, revise, work with printers, revise, get the maps printed, and eventually make them available for sale.

Spoiling Tyranny

As the Tyranny of Dragons set goes into final typesetting,we provide you with a glimpse of what is to come. Specifically, two big bad boys that inspire with their unique champion powers, and whose point costs (64 and 46) seem reversed relative to one another. Its appropriate, because they are going to typically find themselves on opposite sides of a battle map.

Map Design Contest

Due to generous financial backing from Tobias (and likely Tried as well), we are fortunate to be able to fund the art production and printing of a new double-sided map! We have a commitment from the amazing artist Jason Engle, who has vast map making experience. We will be making small maps (22x17) due to lower art costs, lower printing costs, and legal map balance (there are currently 30 legal large maps and only 8 legal small maps).

Euro Championships and Comicon compete for DDM players

Ok, these two very different events don't really compete for the massive market that is the DDM miniatures player. But, there are examples of the new Icons miniatures being released at Comicon, and the stats for 6 of these are also being released in Prague tonight. And both of these things are worth thinking about as a community from the stat card perspective.

Interview with a Chaotic Henchman

Continuing our celebration of 10 years of DDM, we move on to greet an old friend and proponent of the Game. His contributions are the stuff of DDM legend, to both rules development and the development of the community as a whole. He's helped to make this game the friendly monster it is today, and we owe him a lot. So buy him a drink if you see him.