Strategy Guide: 100 point Assault

In part 2 of this five-part article, Moraturi offers insights into the 100 point Assault format (10 creatures max, small maps). Thank you, Moraturi! -Ira

100 Point Assault Format

This is an interesting format in that it combines some of the tactical elements from both very low point formats like 50 point warband skirmishes with the tactical elements from the full 200 point formats. It is essentially a “middle” point cost build and takes the best (and worst) from both lower and higher point formats. If you like the idea of running Titan builds, this is one of the strongest formats in which to do it. There are a number of very powerful creatures at or near the 75 point cost (using the 75% rule for any single creature) which are very hard to kill in this environment. You will have enough points to add in support and Fodder creatures for your Titan, as well. A few examples of Titan builds for this format are listed below.

For activations, this format probably has the greatest range of creature numbers while still maintaining high competition value. You can easily run only a few creatures equivalent to an Arena warband or even lower in activations, or you can run a full squad of 10 creatures and still be successful. In application, there really isn’t that much of a difference between 100 point Constructed and 100 point Arena formats. For 100 point play, anything which is competitive in an Arena format will also work in a Constructed Assault format. There are just more possibilities when you increase the activation count. Personally, I like the strong Titan builds and the 2 main Hitters builds, both of which can have extra creature support. If you fill out your warband with 10 activations (or more) to try to get activation control, you run the risk that, on average, your own creatures will be lower in point costs and to hit and damage potential to the extreme that you may have some bad match-ups against the higher point, harder to kill creatures. A swarm of low cost creatures may be unable to hit or take down the stronger Titans in this format.

With this many points, Champions start to appear just a little more, especially when the Champion is also a main combat creature itself.

Maps for 100 point play might potentially be either the small maps or the full sized maps. Make sure you know ahead of time which style of play is being used for the tournament you are attending. If it is on a small map, be aware of the various choke points on the map. You will have an earlier round of engagement, but with more creatures in play, spacing becomes more of an issue. For example, on small maps, you might want to limit the number of large-sized bases in your warband so that your own creatures don’t block each other out from optimal placement. On the full sized maps, rather than choke points, try to visualize combat zones so as to optimally deploy your creatures around the map locations where most of the battle is to take place. On larger maps, it will be much easier to get creatures on to Victory areas and have them camp there.

For 100 point play, the use of Equipment can be questionable. There are a few low cost items that are useful, but you would lose an activation to get them. Some players will like to have a few items, and some players won’t. Add items as you see fit.

There are way too many warbands to list here, but I present a few just to represent different kinds of builds. I tried to specifically avoid listing simple melee builds like:
Skullcleave Warrior (Against the Giants 24/60, Rare, 39 pts) x2, Merchant Guard (Desert of Desolation 8/60, Common, 8 pts) x2, Goblin Runner (Against the Giants 21/60, Common, 4 pts)and instead opted to present some interesting synergies or unusual warbands which utilize some creatures that don’t often see as much play. Warbands with creatures using Equipment are not represented here.

For Borderlands

Irontooth (Legendary Evil 28/40, Rare, 32 pts), Snig the Axe (Archfiends 38/60, Common, 20 pts), Lolthbound Goblin (Demonweb 13/60, Common, 8 pts), Blue (Giants of Legend 29/72, Common, 5 pts) x8This warband has a decent melee Hitter, lots of ranged attacks, Champion boosts and high activations, and it is a keyword themed warband as well. You will want a more open map with good lines of sight to maximize the damage potential of the Blues. Try to get activation control early and hold on to it.

Astral Giant (Lords of Madness 2/60, Uncommon, 28 pts) x2, Raistlin Majere (Night Below 14/60, Rare, 26 pts), Merchant Guard (Desert of Desolation 8 pts), Tordek, Dwarf Fighter (Harbinger 13/80, Uncommon, 5pts), Lidda, Halfling Rogue (Harbinger 27/80, Uncommon, 4 pts)Move the two good melee Hitters with high speed up to the front lines and hold positions using their large bases, reach and movement capabilities. Use Raistlin as ranged support, bringing his own bodyguards. The Merchant Guard can stay with Raistlin or move up with the Giants.

For Civilization

Fettered Dracolich (Lords of Madness 17/60, Rare, 64 pts), Dwarf Artificer (Deathknell 3/60, Uncommon, 21 pts), Mialee Elf Wizard (Archfiends 10/60, Uncommon, 6 pts), Blue (Giants of Legend 29/72, Common, 5 pts), Goblin Runner (Against the Giants 21/60, Common, 4 pts)The Dracolich is one of the hardest creatures to kill in this format with the high AC and regeneration, made even better by the Artificer. This is a solid Titan build. The Dracolich is the majority of your points and is likely to survive through any timed skirmish format.

Dragon Samurai (Aberrations 5/60, Rare, 60 pts), Pseudodragon (Unhallowed 22/60, Uncommon, 12 pts), Small Black Dragon (War of the Dragon Queen 53/60, Uncommon, 11 pts) x2, Baaz Draconian (Dragoneye 28/60, Common, 6 pts)This is a combination of a main Hitter with lots of synergies. If you can keep the Samurai unbloodied, it is an impressive warband.

For Underdark

Aspect of Lolth (Archfiends 46/60, Rare, 75 pts), Drow Assassin (Demonweb 20/60, Common, 7 pts), Lolth's Sting (Underdark 53/60, Common, 7 pts), Skeletal Dwarf (Deathknell 40/60, Common, 6 pts), Gnoll Skeleton (Aberrations 52/60, Common, 5 pts)This is a strong Titan build. The Aspect is very powerful and hard to kill in this environment.

Hoard Scarab Larva Swarm (Legendary Evil 26/40, Common, 21 pts), Drow Enforcer (Night Below 51/60, Uncommon, 16 pts), Arbalester (Dangerous Delves 22/40, Uncommon, 12 pts), Small Black Dragon (War of the Dragon Queen 53/60, Uncommon, 11 pts), Trapped Chest (Lords of Madness 51/60, Uncommon, 10 pts) x3, Drow Assassin (Demonweb 20/60, Common, 7 pts), Ravenous Dire Rat (Against the Giants 57/60, Common, 3 pts)This is an interesting “trick” warband designed to win on Victory Points. If you can deploy the Chests and defend them, it is at most a 5 round game (with the Swarm and all 3 Chests, you should get 20 VP a round). Hints: place the Chests around the Swarm 3 squares away from each other ☺ and use the Arbalester to fire on anything adjacent to the Swarm.

For Wild

Djinn Stormsword (Legendary Evil 10/40, Rare, 72 pts), Snaketongue Cultist (Desert of Desolation 56/60, Common, 17 pts), Elf Warrior (Aberrations 16/60, Common, 4 pts) x2, Ravenous Dire Rat (Against the Giants 57/60, Common, 3 pts)This is a strong Titan build for Wild.

Virtuous Charger (Unhallowed 25/60, Rare, 40 pts), Warpriest of Vandria (Night Below 23/60, Uncommon, 40 pts), Elf Archer (Harbinger 21/80-Dungeons of Dread 6/60, Common, 5 pts) x4This is a Hitter build based on the synergy between the Charger and the Warpriest, with a little ranged support added in.


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