The Forthcoming Year in DDM

Some of you have been wondering what the 'announcements' I made in Europe were, and others may have already shared or started rumors. This is all good! There was nothing super secret or arcane about the little talk I gave. I simply detailed my plans for the next set of rules and development. I finally found time to put down in writing and expand some of these details.

There are a couple significant developments with the next set of rules. The first of these is that the rules will be divided into three parts. There will be a basic set of rules which will provide a simple introduction to gameplay. This will be a stripped-down set of rules with limited attack options. There will be an expanded rules set that will include all of the basic rules of the current game. In fact, you may find additional types of terrain added, and further clarifications of existing rules.

Finally and perhaps most significantly from the perspective of game evolution, there will be an entire section on optional rules. Each optional rule will have its own heading/ abbreviation that will permit tournament organizers to rapidly list the format of the tournament if they wish to use these options. This permits, if the organizers want, tournaments where units must check morale when they are bloodied. Simply term MOR to the tournament descriptor.

An example might look like this: 200 Assault (MOR, RAL, DIAG) for a tournament that used the standard assault format and three optional rules; morale, rallying, and diagonal movement.

One can see from these options that one could construct forms of the games that are quite different. Combinations of options, Such as those listed above, could provide games that resemble either the current edition or the old edition. In fact, the hope is that we can generate one Unified Edition of the game, which can be played a variety of different ways. There are a number advantages to this strategy, and few downsides. Feel free to discuss these in the forums and I will happily join in.

In this respect, please feel free to suggest things you might like to see as options. You may think of, or have thought of, something we didn't. The comments section here is a good place to start. There is no requirement for you to actually have written mechanics. In fact, it is sometimes better if you don’t.

But please don’t be overly saddened if {1} we don’t include these options in the original release, - or {2} please don’t feel slighted if I do implement the idea, but 'incorrectly' relative to the way you may have imagined it.

There is further important point to be made, and that is the idea that the D20 miniatures rules may well work for other (non D&D) miniatures. As an example, one might consider the Dungeon Crawler miniatures that have sponsored us in the past. In this same vein, you can expect to see stats for certain miniatures that most people will have access to (even new players). The particular miniatures I have in mind most commonly occupy an 8x8 grid, with no terrain. Any who read the last year of Dragon magazine will immediately know where I took the idea from , though it was also around some 30 years ago. These new miniatures are, in fact, designed as a subtype of Modron and the hope is that they will provide a great training game for new players. The stat sets will be included with the basic rules. An example of one such miniature is included here:

There are additional things to be done. We will need to revamp and update the gazetteer and the item compendium. The gazeteer is in particular need. We’ll do this soon, but right now the rules are occupying more of my thouthts, and Ira’s too – just not quite in the same way.

Lastly, I am planning on releasing a stand alone ‘book of Formats’ that will complement the new rule book. To this end, the only format to be described in the new rulebook will be assault. All other formats and game styles will be listed in this book, and the idea is that it can be revised independently of the main rules. Planned are: the inclusion of free movement (ie, table top gaming), rules for sealed and draft dungeon delving, and additional allied and 'free for all' multiplayer formats. This book is not named as of yet (naming contest, anyone?), but will aslo offer variant play options such as different (keyword based) warband-building mechanisms, the ability to purchase map conditions such as rain or fog, mechanisms to score VP outside of those currently in the game, and finally, games that will be principally objective-based approaches to play.

To complement this all, we need a more permanent home website. I want to integrate the entire DDM site with the card search utility so that we have one-stop searching, rules and warband building. And of course, forums for discussion.
Certainly Ira can help with this, but a dedicated webmaster that could dedicate a bit of time to the site most weeks would be awesome.

There is a lot to do, but the future seems bright.


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I am very glad to hear this outstanding news!
It is essential that we all could contribute to it, so that we can further improve this wonderful game!
Thanks Garry/Ira and all your team.

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Sounds good.
I am available to help in any way that I can.

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Cool stuff, thanks for the info! Smile

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I have some time tested variant rules and formats that I'd be happy to put forth for perusal. The game offers a great tool box. I am just back from immersing myself in Warmachine and Hordes, and happy to be back in the fold playing this chestnut of a game.

So appreciate what you guys do here. Would like to help if I can.

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