The Rarest of the Rare

Moraturi put together this article and sent it to me awhile ago. I've been delinquent in posting it, and I think it's wonderful. Enjoy!

The Rarest of the Rare
by Moraturi

A number of people collect the DnD minis simply to collect them. I love the skirmish game for a number of reasons, but I am also a collector. If you have read any articles about collecting, I fall into the category of "Completest". I like to own as many of the possible minis as possible. This article is about collecting the really rare stuff.

The Rage of Demons Contest

The Rage of Demons set is being developed here at Guild headquarters, and we decided it could be a lot of fun to have a set of stats developed, in part, by the players. And you know what that means.
Design Contest!

The Forthcoming Year in DDM

Some of you have been wondering what the 'announcements' I made in Europe were, and others may have already shared or started rumors. This is all good! There was nothing super secret or arcane about the little talk I gave. I simply detailed my plans for the next set of rules and development. I finally found time to put down in writing and expand some of these details.

The Tyranny Contest

As promised in the last announcement, a contest is coming, and this is it. Despite the number of years we've been around, I think this is actually our first design contest. I'm looking forward to seeing your ideas on display!

Interview with Rob Heinsoo

The DDM Guild had a chance to do an Interview with Rob Heinsoo. (D&D Minis designer and presently lead designer at his own company, Fire Opal Media).

Just in time for GenCon. The Civ Toolkit.

Here, our own Moraturi examines civilization, which has long been thought of as one of the strongest factions. And why not? How else would the lands be tamed...?