Simple floor rule question

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Simple floor rule question


my experience with official tournament is minimal, so this is a simple question:
- after the reveal of the warbands, is it possible to ask details about the stats of the opponent's miniatures? (like current hit points, remaining activable powers and so on).

How this thing is usually coped?

plastic finn
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yes, the stat cards are always kept available for also the opponent to see. You may ask to see them, or ask for the details you mention. The players either keep score of HP individually (personally I like to keep track of both mine and the opponent's) or may ask the opponent about them.

In practice, the players handle this very well and things go smoothly. In rare cases a player may deal with the nervousness less than ideally and act as if you were bothering him/her, but that does not mean you would not be entitled to ask. In 95%+ of cases though, in my experience, it is a pleasant experience in the very welcoming DDM circles!
Smile As long as you keep the play going (slow play for any reason is to be avoided, generally, since it can be viewed as "stalling" or otherwise harming the game) it's alright to ask the opponent or even the judge, should you have a question. I've even encountered players that bring an extra set/printed copy of their cards for the opponent to easily view during the game.

In any tournament, the judge in charge may have things he/she underlines, but always based on the rules. Here's hoping for a great tournament experience for you!

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Thank you, for the clear answer!

I'm going to follow the hint to bring an extra printed copy of the cards.

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Great idea. And you definitely get to see the opponent's warband at any time you want!

The events at GenCon will be very friendly to beginners, and if you're thinking about attending, we'll do everything we can to make you feel welcome. Feel free to ask more questions!

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Dont be afraid,tournaments are VERY friendly (sometimrs happen to me that opponent let me use some power I forgot to activate at the start of the round..)

Most people prefer have fun instead of giving opponent cruel lesson Smile so I hope you get motivation to get back next year(Drunk