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GenCon 50!!?

To my happy surprise, I see there will be ddm minis for Gen Con this year! I have been out of loop for a long while now but will be attending Gen Con and interested in maybe playing. Question I have is how many people are still actively playing and what have been the turn outs been the last couple Gen Cons for ddm minis? Also what sets and or boosters have stat cards been made for since LoM? I can see all the stat cards but do not know what or where to find the actual minis that go with the stat cards.

Thank You!

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Hi Xx BUZZ xX,

On the "cards for what sets" part, I believe these have all come after Lords of Madness:

1) Epic Mages (E1) (8+1 cards for epic play, for existing figures)
2) Beholder Collector's Set (4 beholders from the set of the same name)
3) Heroscape Wave13 (4+1 cards for D&D-style figures from Heroscape)
4) Feymire (E2) (16 cards for Heroscape figures, most of which are DDM reprints)
5) Dragon Collector's Set (5 cards for the set of same name, 2 new sculpts)
6) Conquest of Nerath (9+3=12 cards for figures in the D&D board game of the same name)
7) Orphan Swords (GAMES SET 1) (7 cards for figures from the D&D board games Castle of Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalon and Legend of Drizzt)
8} Fall 2012 (3 cards for figures from Dungeon Command sets Heart of Cormyr and Sting of Lolth
9) Curse of Undeath (3 cards for new sculpts in the Dungeon Command set of same name)
10) Blood of Gruumsh (10 cards... [see above] + 7 Orc-themed items)
11) Icons of the Realms (6 cards for the Starter set figures produced by Wizkids)
12) [IotR] Tyranny of Dragons (44 cards)
13) Epic 2015 Champs (2 cards, epic versions of existing figures)
14) [IotR] Elemental Evil (44 cards + 6 items)
15) [IotR] Rage of Demons (49 cards)
16) [IotR] Monster Menagerie (44 cards)
17) [IotR] Rage of Demons bonus (2 cards for Shadow figures + a set of items, beta for now)
18) [IotR] Storm King's Thunder (48 or so cards, many already previewed here, awaiting for full release)
19) [IotR] Monster Menagerie 2 (not yet released)

There's also been these (after LoM as well, I believe)...
1) Item Compendium (all the items released up to that point combined... and many with new cost)
2) Stalker card (item)
3) Tools of Tyranny (item set)
5) Decadence (10th anniversary item set)
4) 2016 RE-STATS aka Compiled Card Revisions (all 15 re-stat cards and one re-stat item, from fall 2010 up to this point)

I hope that covers it, but I may be forgetting something. You can still find most of these minis for sale in various miniatures-selling stores or ebay, and as I wrote, some of the cards are for previously released figures like Drow Arachnomancer or Elf Warmage, to name a couple. In additions to the sets and games mentioned above, you can acquire many of these miniatures from other games such as Temple of Elemental Evil (unpainted, D&D board game) or D&D Attack Wing (these require re-basing).

I run a humble DDM info site for Finnish players. You can find a complete alphabetical list of DDM minis (with release sources) as an attachment "figut_kaikki_aak.pdf" here :

I also recommend Ira's site for everything DDM:

Also, once more to avoid unpleasant surprises: Make sure to look up the compiled RE-STATS to avoid playing illegal versions. You can tell the difference in the cards by the dot/-s under the cost.

To see pictures of the minis in the sets, great source here, for example:

I hope this helps!
Others can give better information about the player numbers in GenCon. Smile

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This might be useful too: (though the search feature is missing many cards, currently)

This list is a complete list of everything released:

Hope to see you there!

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Very Awesome! Thanks to both of you, very useful info. now if anyone has numbers on turn outs last few Gen Cons would be great. I really want to do the community draft but would like to have an idea of how many people have been or will show up.

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Community Draft is the most popular event, and my memory from previous years has been in the ballpark of 10 people. That said, with the recent release of WizKids sets, I feel like interest may be rising again...

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yes, our biggest events in the last several years run ~14 people, but the game keeps getting better, so people may rediscover it.



Guildmaster Head of Organized Play

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The above comments on the Community draft are correct. Over the last few years, we have had between 2-8 players for most of the events. Most of them are between 4-6 players, but some a little less, and some a little more with the Draft being about twice that.

On the same topic of Gen Con:

I make the same offer every year. If anyone wants to play any particular mini or warband that you might not have, let me know and I can bring whatever band or miniature you might want. I do need some advance notice so I can plan my packing.

I will also have extra warbands available, for newer players or anyone who forgets or the like. If there are specific styles or types of warbands you might like to play against or with, let me know.

I will also have all available maps, if you want to use a specific map (unless I am playing it).

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Greetings all, it's been years since I played DDM, my favorite game of all time. I have recently renewed my interest in D&D Minis again after purchasing a few for my D&D RPG games this past month. Playing at Gen Con and the D&D Experience has been among the greatest memories of my life. I am not sure about making it to this Gen Con but would love to attend one again in the future. My twin boys are home from college now and have gotten me excited about gaming again and we have been reminiscing about our trips to Gen Con. I was glad to see that Dwayne (Tried) and his son are still active. I would love to renew my old friendships with Dwayne and the people I played with in the past. I will take a more serious look into attending Gen Con this year. If they have DDM events then that is even more likely to get me to attend. Community Draft was always one of my favorite events.

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To the OP:

All up-to-date minis are available through Pat Lynch's warband tool, that needs to be updated with a couple of extra files from the more recent sets and restats.

If you want, I can send you a link to all the required files (that are too big to email). PM me is you are interested.

With this warband tool, you can easily browse creatures and items with keywords and other filters, assemble them into a warband of selected size, and then save and print a PDF of your warbands. It requires a PC to work, MAC is not supported.

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Thanks to all of you, I have at least 4 other friends going to Gen Con as well and going to try my best to get them to at least play in the draft. It is very cool to hear that the game is growing interest again. As with Chad this was/is my all time favorite game to play and really miss the days of old in playing in sanctioned events and tournaments, meeting new people, coming up with warbands and even having a team of minis players. If the game could ever get back to what is was, then that would be great time once again.

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A couple of posts here are from some players who have been away from the game for a while.
If you do plan to attend GenCon (and I hope that you do), please refresh yourselves on the current versions of the rules: the Revised Edition also called V2.
Every couple of years, we have someone show up expecting the Original Edition format. All GenCon events will use the Revised Edition rules.
If you need to check editions, there are some other threads which will help distinguish them, and you can find current rulebooks through this site. At this point, there are really only two major versions of the game, so if it looks weird to you, it is probably the other edition Smile

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Hi Chad,

Are you still local in PA? I used to play at Ultimate universe in Bluebell with you.


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Do we need to have 16 miniatures total in boosters for the draft and do the boosters get randomly past out like prior years?

Think I found my answer in last years report. looks like 2 of the new 4 mini booster are good enough. Very excited to play minis again!

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You'll find the game you know to be truly in an awesome state. The cards keep getting better and better and the meta is thriving. Have fun!

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I'm going to GenCon 50 too. Hoping to see everyone there:) Also, Progress has been made on several Repaints!! I'll post Pictures once I'm home.Currently at Mom and Dad's place borrowing their Computer;)


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Got tickets for Sat events! I have at least 3 others joining in on the Community Draft and maybe a couple other events. On the Gen Con event page, it shows how many tickets are left. I don't think there is a limit on players but wanted to check and generic tickets are still good to use for the events?

3 weeks, cant wait!! Big smile

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Generic tickets are acceptable.
Other than the Community event it is highly unlikely that we will meet the table maximums for the space we are assigned. We can always squeeze in if we do Wink
I hope that you can make as many of our events as possible. Invite your friends as well.
It is likely that I will bring some give-aways for each event for those in attendance.

See you in a few weeks

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Is there a consolidated list of events anywhere? I hate searching in the GenCon books and event thing.

Also Is there a chance that Storm King and the new rules or Allstar items will be legal? otherwise we are using the exact same rules from last year.

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Thursday events:
500 pt arena- 7pm

Friday events:
200 pt arena- 10am
50 pt arena- 2pm
100 pt gladiator-7pm

Saturday events
50 pt gladiator-10am
200 assualt (8 minis)-1pm
community draft-8pm

I am not sure about the All Stars but Tried did say that SKT will be legal for Gen Con.

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Correct that SKT is legal! Also correct that All Star items will NOT be legal.

New rules: TBD on the extent of them, but we'll at least have:
- Some restats (posted tomorrow, I'm hoping)
- All items with a negative cost are Unique items (so you can have 1 of each, but not 4x Lodestone)
- Ranged Cover for Big creatures: Pick only 1 square in their space and determine cover. This makes it harder for large creatures to hide.

- Maybe other stuff, if Dwayne and I can get it hammered out in time, and people at GenCon are interested in trying it.

Note that if DDM were in a more competitive place for organized play, it would already be too late to announce restats and rules changes before GenCon. But, since we're not super competitive and want to play the most fun game possible, I think it's wise to implement the good changes and roll with it.

Also, correct on all the events, but it's important to clarify:

Fri 7pm: 100 point Gladiator Stable
Sat 10am: 50 point Gladiator Stable

The difference with these Stable formats is as follows:
Bring 5 separate Gladiator warbands (2 minis max). Four 40-min rounds, no elimination! Each round, you'll play 1 of your warbands. Maps provided (Pillars of Heaven/Pirate Cove).

To resolve how to pick warbands/map/setup, use these rules:

1) At the start of each tournament round, make a Groupthink test vs. your opponent. Groupthink rating (GR) is the sum of the highest champion ratings from each of your unused warbands. Whoever has higher GR rolls 2d20.

2) Whoever wins the Groupthink test decides who picks warband first.

3) Whoever picks warband first chooses their warband (which can't be used again in the tournament). They also pick the map side they want to use (Pirate Cove or Pillars of Heaven), and then setup first.

4) The other player now picks their warband (which can't be used again in the tournament), and sets up.

The number of warbands in your stable at the start of the tournament is equal to the number of rounds + 1. Therefore, bring 5 warbands in your stable to support a tournament of up to 4 rounds. If we decide to play less than 4 rounds, your stable will start with fewer than 5 warbands.

Also, importantly: If a mini appears in one warband in your stable, it cannot appear in any other. So, you can have 2x of a mini in a single warband, but you can't repeat it in other warbands.

I've never played this format, but I heard great things about it from last year. Having just started some warband building for it, I find it to be very interesting and lots of fun. It really makes the gladiator formats much more interesting, since you're optimizing for rock-paper-scissors to counter other warbands, and also to maximize your Groupthink rating.

If you have questions, let me know!

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If you want to search the GenCon event thing, the best way to find our events is to search by "host" and scroll down to DDMGuild.
Basics of the formats are listed under the individual events.

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I leave early in the morning for GenCon. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. If you haven't signed up for our events, feel free to stop by and check us out anyway. I will have plenty of extra warbands for anyone who wants to play.
(If you have not gotten your GenCon attendance badge, at this point, you are probably out of luck. I just got notice that GenCon has sold out of all of its badges- but we still have lots of space at our events if you do have a badge- generic tickets are welcome)

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Hope to see everyone there:) Leaving early morning tomorrow. Take care and see you there!


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To everyone going: Have fun! That's what it's all about. Wish I could be there.