DDM Constructed Championship

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DDM Constructed Championship

The 2011 D&D Miniatures Constructed Champion is Matthew J. Noble, also known as Sirohk, after an epic battle with last year's Constructed Champion Joel Broveleit. Congratulations are in order! Sirohk is writing a tournament report, which will be posted on this website in a few days.

This forumpost has more information on the progress of the D&D Miniatures Constructed Championship 2011.

Standings after two rounds:

Mike Baker 2-0
Darien Stupack 2-0
Patrick Lynch 2-0
David Becker 2-0
Brad Shugg 2-0
Joel Barnabe 2-0
Mark Liberman 2-0
James Prather 2-0
Joel Broleveit 2-0
Lloyd Crosby 1-1
Brad Bender 1-1
Michael Johnson 1-1
Dan Vahovick 1-1
Andrew Powell 1-1
Zach Robinette 1-1
Matt Noble 1-1
David Gish 1-1
Jeremy Rose 1-1
Nate Piecara 1-1
Marcos Vassao 1-1
Joe Quiazon 0-2
Todd Jennings 0-2
Declan Lynch 0-2
Edward Kim 0-2
James Robinette 0-2


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Map rotation used for the championships:

Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Championship Round

Round 1 Assault
Broken Demongate

Round 2 Bounty
Caves of Chaos

Round 3 Hand of Fate
Dwarven Outpost

Round 4 Hand of Fate
Frostfell Rift

Round 5 Bounty
Jungle Temple Assault

Round 6 Assault
Teleport Temple


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Standings after 4 rounds:

Mark Liberman 4-0
Pat Lynch 4-0
Joel Barnabe 4-0
Joel Broveleit 3-1
Darien Stupack 3-1
Brad Shugg 3-1
David Becker 3-1
Michael Johnson 3-1
Dan Vahovick 3-1
Matt Noble 2-2
Mike Baker 2-2
Jeremy Rose 2-2
Marcos Vassao 2-2
Joe Quiazon 2-2
Declan Lynch 2-2
Edward Kim 2-2
Zach Robinette 1-3
Todd Jennings 1-3
James Robinette 0-4

Thanks to Dave Paul for posting on facebook

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Top 4:

1) Pat Lynch
2) Mark Liberman
3) Joel Broveleit
4) Matt Noble

Pat's band:
Runecarved Eidolon
Wand Expert x4
Changeling Rogue
Goblin Runner x2
Cursed Lodestone x3
Potion of Blindsight x2

Mark's band:
Yuan-Ti Halfblood Sorcerer x2
Digester x2
Wild Elf Warsinger
Azer Raider
Gnoll x2

Joel's band:
Foulspawn Seer
Eye of Shadow
Shadow Flayer
Foulspawn Mangler
Lolth's Sting
Blue x3

Matt's band:
Ogre Mage
Oni x2
Yuan-Ti Half Blood Sorcerer
Merchant Guard x3
Kobold Monk

Blunt Claymore
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Thanks for the updates. Are those the final standings or final four? If so, what happened today? Area Attack

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Joel vs Matt on Twinned Dwarven Halls map in the Finals.
Matt wins at time.


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The result of the top 4 matches:
demetri0us VS Markdragon - demetri0us wins
Sirohk VS PatLynch - Sirohk wins

demetri0us VS Sirohk - Sirohk wins

Sirohk is writing a tournament report, which will be posted on this website in a few days.

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after an epic battle with the current Limited Champion Joel Broveleit.

Actually, the current Limited Champion is Joel Barnabe (Kezghan) I came in second in the 2010 Limited. I (demetri0us) am the 2010 Constructed Champion.

Congratulations again Sirohk!



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Fixed the text quickly, and just redid the link. Smile