2018 European Championships - initial discussion

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2018 European Championships - initial discussion

Probably won't get much feedback here, but I thought I try to start here.

Initially - the venue

3 Options

1) UK, Manchester (host myself)
2) Slovak Republic, Bratislava (host Miroslav)
3) Italy, Umbria (host, Simone)

Where would you like it to be held? List in order of preference (e.g. 2, 3, 1)

Get voting

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I vote for U.K. Manchester. Never been, would love to go next year.



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Matob Matobsen
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Looks like the UK - I'll also send out an email though with a voting link (well, actually, woodcutter will).

Spoken to Stuart and he's up for it!

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1 Manchester
2 Bratislava, so close to Vienna... Smile
3 (and Italy would move up, if it were not in the summer...)

But I'll be there no matter where it is! Party


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hello, iam from Banska Bystrica. Is in middle of Slovakia, Bratislava is SW but only 250 km from me Smile I prefer voting for SK on 2019 +

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I will try to come where ever is decided.
I've laid over in Manchester, but never visited.

I've never been to Slovakia, and Umbria looked really pretty amazing in the pictures.
As mentioned, though - will be .... hot ... in august. Smile


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