2018 European Championships - Dates

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2018 European Championships - Dates

OK - I think we have decided on the venue - at least the country.

I think the best weekend would be 17/8-19/8, but we could have 10/8-12/8 also

Please vote:

1) 17/8-19/8
2) 10/8-12/8

The reason for these dates are partly college work for me, and our present 200pt Champion can't do the first and last weekends in a month because of work.

August is quite nice in the UK - not too hot (it really never is too hot Tongue )

Venue will be decided once we have a date. Initially I am thinking of Fanboy3, a recently renovated and air conditioned gaming shop.


But we could play in Halifax at IQ games - just a little harder to get to, but there are other options.

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Prefer #2, 8/10 - 8/13.



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Either which is fine by me. Innocent


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