Marilith and Redspawn Firebelcher... Overpowered?

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Marilith and Redspawn Firebelcher... Overpowered?


I'd like to know your guys' opinion on these two minis from original edition rules.. Especially Marilith.. I feel it's pretty overpowered. In the case of the redspawn firebelcher , the overpowering comes from it's fire belch ability

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Marilith is a good piece, but after all, there are other minis that can deliver the same amount of damage.
An expert opponent will try to avoid her main manouver, the enhanced mobility.

The redspawn seems quite strong, but it has only an attack/round and is vulnerable to cold...

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Marilith is not overpowered in original edition. If it's giving you trouble, play an Ultroloth against it - easy win.

Redspawn Firebelcher is not overpowered either. Lots of good pieces with fire resistance such as Ogre Ravager, Fire Giant Forgepriest, and Couatl.

Enjoy your games.

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Well, in the case of the Marilith, it's not only its 6 attacks at +15, melee reach 2 and enhanced mobility.. But also that it has DR5, good amount of HP, spell resistance, and inmunnity to electricity, fire, and poison. .. What do you think about that?

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I think the problem with marilith in the old days - and I could be remembering incorrectly - is that she loses to Gith Monk warbands and straight up damage warbands like Frenzied Berserkers with the inspiring martial.
In the 2006 championships, it was Gith Monks, Firebelchers with Ravagers, and Frenzied berserker bands in the top 8 at GenCon (that was a pretty big tournament, like 110 people or so).,


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OP! OP! ;-P

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Single big hitters like the maralith in original edition were always vulnerable to commander assassination. After the commander was down they were easy to kite and struggled with morale checks.

One of the euro players ran it at the championships one year. He finished around 15th or so maybe a 4-2 record

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Red Spawn was a good piece, but quite easy to rout. I played against it often in OE, and in the right hands it was good. But easily damaged.

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