Good Dragons: vote for the best!

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Good Dragons: vote for the best!

It is now time to reveal the super secret composition of the jury: it will everyone who wants to vote! Smile Everyone, including participants and non-participants, is allowed to vote for the best Good Dragon warband.

Take into consideration the following:

1) Participants cannot vote for their own entry but are strongly encouraged to vote nonetheless (I know, it's counter-productive. So: participants need to vote! Or else!)

2) Judging criteria:

  • warband efficiency
  • respect of the Good Dragon Theme:
    • no evil creatures
    • dragon theme creatures predominate
    • in case of close calls, good creatures are tie breakers
  • how cool the warband is
  • how original the warband is (notably in view of previously posted warbands)

3) All voters vote for first, second and third best according to them. After all votes are in:

  • each first place vote is worth 5 points
  • each second place vote is worth 3 points
  • each third place vote is worth 1 point

Votes are public. There is no personal angle here, simply vote for warbands you like. And may the best good dragons win!

4) Votes need to be in by January 29, 2018

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Here are the entries, in order. You can check out the contest entry thread for details about the entries.

1) Koen

Stormrage blue dragon *2 (2*65=130)
goblin skullcleavers *2 (2*17=34 total 164)
merchant guards with rot scarab swarms *2 (2*6=12 total 176)
dragonwrought kobold (11 total 187)
halfling archer(13 total 200)

2) Skyscraper
Heart of the Dragon (200-8, Wild)

Dragon Samurai w/Obscene Wealth (60+10 = 70)
Green Dragon Bravura (37)
Blue Dragon Bravado x 2 (36 x 2 = 72)
Guard Drake x 3 (6 x 3 = 18)
Fiendish Snake w/Cursed: Rot Scarab (5-2 =3)

3) Tried

4x GOLD WYRM 100

4) Laurian

Silver Dragon Warden 83 (Item: Dary's Directions)
Dragon Samurai 60
4 x Small Black Dragon 44
Merchant Guard 8
Silver Dragon Hatchling 5

5) Gilius Thunderhead
Dragons of the Wild

Heroic Bronze Dragon - 74
Green Dragon Raider - 46
Crow Shaman - 26
Wild Elf Warsinger - 9
Small Copper Dragon - 15
Small White dragon - 24
Greenspawn Sneak - 6

6) Shinsek

Silver Dragon Warden (81)
Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut (38) --(with bastion of good,+3)
Shardstorm Vortex (32)
Red dragon wyrmling (20)
Spiretop drake x3 (21)
Aasimar fighter (4) --(with minor magic weapon, +1)

7) Ira
Good Dragons Are Pacifists And Very Good At Collecting Treasure

Brass Dragon Envoy (Good, Dragon) (61)
Buried Dragon Hoard (5)
Greater Healing Potion (6)
Gold Wyrmling x4 (Good, Dragon) (100 total)
Stalwart Paladin x2 (Good) (18 total)
Ointment of Restoration x2 (10 total)

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What should we be voting on?

For example, the number of dragons, number of points worth of good dragons, overall goodness of the band?


Guildmaster Head of Organized Play

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Inspired by the criteria set out above, you should be voting for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, according to you.

Each 1st place vote is worth 5 points, each 2nd place vote is worth 3 points, each 3rd place vote is worth 1 point.

I'll try to clarify my above post.

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1) Koen
No Votes: No good dragons.

2) Skyscraper
No votes, No good dragons.

3) Tried
50% GD by number, 50% Good Dragons by Cost

4) Laurian
25% Good Dragons by number, 44% by cost.

5) Gilius Thunderhead
12.5% GD by number, 37% Good Dragons by Cost

6) Shinsek
12.5% GD by number, 42% Good Dragons by Cost

7) Ira
81% GD by number, 80.5% Good Dragons by Cost

Tough call for me.

I like Ira's band the best, but you need to know it is in the meta or you can be taken unawares - you must be able to plan for it.
Some of these WB are super competitive, but really stray from Good - and some seem to have no good dragons at all in them. (to me, Good is not simply the absence of Evil.)


Guildmaster Head of Organized Play

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Vote with what you find cool, inspired by the criteria: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

p.s.: good was not mandatory, from the outset, if you read the contest entry post. It is theme however, so award it the importance you feel like awarding. This is, all in all, just for fun (and control of the universe).

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Blue, green, white and black just aren't good to me despite being nuetral in DDM. Only ones with good dragons are Ira and Dwayne's bands.

1st: Ira - Creative use of VP snagging. Could actually have a chance against some competitive builds.
2nd: Dwayne - Good mix of figs, Commander is odd but hitters are solid.
3rd: the rest are evil scum.

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Koen 0.8 0.70 0.65 1 78.75
Skyscr. 0.85 0.77 0.8 1 85.50
Tried 0.75 0.65 0.75 0.8 73.75
Laurian 0.8 0.7 0.75 1 81.25
Gilius 0.75 0.82 0.85 1 85.50
Ira 0.7 0.8 0.8 0.7 75.00

According to the score coloumn:

1st place: Gilius
2nd place: Skyscreaper (really close, no good creatures)
3d place: Laurian

I did my best to follow given criteria strictly.

I know guys, chromatic dragons should be evil creatures, following RPG flavour, but I think this distintion was already dampened since the introduction of V.2 rules and factions concept replacing allignment (i.e LG,LE,CG,CE,any).

So, I calculated the percentage of non-evil dragons (sum of point cost /200). I included dragon samurai, cause highly related to dragon theme, but considering only half of his point cost (60/2=30).

@Laurian, I liked silver dragon hatching too, but I also noticed that his "plaintive yelp power doesn't work with silver dragon warden, being neutral.

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Here are my votes:

1st: Tried (the gold wyrmling swarm seems powerful)
2nd: Shinsek (I like the Bastion of Good trick)
3rd: Gilius (the Heroic Bronze is just cool)

Honorable mention to Ira's very cool VP grabbing idea, I would have voted him into one of the three spots if not for the repetition of half of another participant's previously posted warband, namely the gold wyrmling swarm.

That said, all warbands have something going for them, so this was a tough choice.

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Hi all,
My votes are cast as follows:

1st.) Shinsek
2nd.) Skyscraper
3rd.) Tried

Have a great day!

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1) Tried - inspired my warband
2) Koen - inspired a warband I built a long time go in person
3) Laurian - Nice story, and I like Dragon Samurai

Thanks for running this fun warband building event, Skyscraper!

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My votes:

1. Ira - very innovative and efficent
2. Koen - very powerful
3. Tried - theme and synergies very good

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1. Laurien
2. Ira
3. Koen

Side note: There's an evil dragon in one of those bands...

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So here are the results:

Koen: 7 points (2x2nd, 1x3rd)
Sky: 6 points (2x2nd)
Tried: 15 points (2x1st, 1x2nd, 2x3rd)
Laurian: 7 points (1x1st, 2x3rd)
Gil: 6 points (1x1st, 1x3rd)
Shinsek: 7 points (1x1st, 1x2nd)
Ira: 16 points (3x1st, 1x2nd)

Grand Winner of the Good Dragon Contest, allowing bragging rights in the entire multiverse for the rest of eternity (and beyond):


Congratulations on a very original warband, that allowed you to beat Tried's threatening warband by a hair!

Thanks to all participants and voters! I'll be coming up with another warband building contest soon, as important as the previous one if not more, so stay tuned,


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p.s.: Reckless, where is the evil dragon in disguise?

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Really Tried and I should share it, because half of my warband was his idea, just repurposed for a different goal. Smile

I'm actually excited to give it a try at some point...

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Do not be humble. You won. He lost. Next time he'll know better than to tell you how to repurpose half your warband Smile

That said, I've been considering making a VP grabbing warband for some time, so yours is inspiring. If you play it, I'd be curious to know how it turns out.

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There was this one time that I totally owned Sirokh during a big tournament (like 70-80 people). After the match, I told him where I thought he made mistakes, and how he could, and should, have beaten me.
(back in the days of Archmages and Forgepriests).

So. Imagine my horror when I met him in the top 8. And yes,... I lost that match.


Guildmaster Head of Organized Play

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In your band Sky, the green dragon is evil.

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Oh my, you are correct!

The warband tool erroneously identifies it as neutral, but the card is very much evil! So thanks for pointing this out, I'll ask Gus to correct this for a future release of the warband tool.

That said, I am responsible for the stuff I use, notwithstanding what any tool used for warband building might include.

So, thanks again! Smile

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The Heroic Bronze hangs his head in shame... he trusted that MFer too!

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Yeah, Greens are deceptive...

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Looking again, its the Green Dragon Bravura that is evil, not the Green Dragon Raider. PHeww.... I dodged a bullet by the DDM gods there ;o).