Can move into... ending squeezing

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Can move into... ending squeezing

Just want to make sure I get this right since it will become a common situation from now on. It seems obvious, but I've been mistaken on such occasions before, so:

A huge creature (such as the new Cloud/Frost Giants) with "Towering: Can occupy statue terrain. Can move into squares occupied by Medium or smaller enemies." ends its turn and ends squeezing.

Am I correct in assuming that at the end of a move action it cannot end squeezing back to 3x3 by enlargening itself to occupy an enemy's space? I understand it can move to that space during its turn but at the end of action must occupy a legal space.

Rules text:

Legal Position: A creature with a movement mode that allows it to treat certain non-legal positions as legal during movement must still end its movement in a legal position.

Ending Squeezing: A creature can end squeezing at the end of any action; it then occupies a 3-square by 3-square space that entirely contains its starting position. If there is no legal position fully containing the space it occupies at the end of its squeeze, it cannot end squeezing until there is a legal position.

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It seems to me that you are correct Antti. I see no reason why it would be allowed to share an enemy's (or ally's) space at the end of its action.

There is the exception, however, of a double-move:

Double Move: If a creature declares that it will use 2 subsequent move actions on its turn, it does not need to end its rst move action in a legal position.

So, my understanding is that a double-move could be declared for the Huge creature: it could squeeze through a narrow passage, end its first move action and concurrently end squeezing by enlarging in 3x3 to occupy an enemy's space; and then, move again out of the enemy's space.