Bloodwar Band (200)

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Bloodwar Band (200)

Very Simple band of Goblins exploiting the Hobgoblin Soldier from this set.
This band is in Borderlands (due to Orc Sergeant)

Irontooth 32
Orc Sergeant 24
Hobgoblin Marshal 22
Skullsplitter 28*
Hobgoblin Soldier 15
Hobgoblin Soldier 15
Hobgoblin Soldier 15
Hobgoblin Soldier 15
Hobgoblin Soldier 15
Hobgoblin Soldier 15
Option points left: 4

The band shown should maneuver into striking positions during Round 1, then use the skullsplitter CP to have all goblins but the marshal moving 10 in round 2, or at the latest round 3, for the attack. If you combine marshal CP with other commanders, you will have 6 soldiers attacking at +19 (assumes a charge, no flank) for 25. You get one round of clean up (round 3) at +16 (no charge) for 20 damage, and after that you are back to +12. Of course, you can titrate the bonus as needed, depending upon the anticipated target and your risk aversity to hits. To use the popular example of a Sellsword as target, +16 to hit is probably sufficient, and in the second round, mix together variations on spinning strike and basic attacks.

*The skullsplitter is an 'option piece' in that he is the most likely to be switched out easily.
He can be replaced by snig and 3 fodder (such as goblin archers) for players that favor activation control.
He can be replaced by the goblin underboss for a round of sneak attack damage (+5), and by a number of
other pieces, including the air Genasi Rogue from elemental evils, who can provide a round of cover while leaving plenty of points for items. There are ranged and Tech options in the 32 and less point range also. I don't think Irontooth is worth trading in, but one might consider losing one of the six hobgoblins as well and replacing the Skullsplitter with fodder and yet another commander (like Urthok or Bolraza) or some kind of area attack support, such as the Black Shadow Dragon from the Tyranny set.

There are certainly more that come to mind, but I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun designing yourself.


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Looks like a fun warband.
(Goblin Marshall should be listed as Hobgoblin Marshall, though)