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new Items - more Epics

The great new Epic Set gave me an idea: What about items that would allow existing minis to become more epic?

For example:

"Level Up"
Cost: 5 Points. This creature gains +1 Level, +1 attack and +5 HP.

"Epic Hero"
Cost: 15 Points. This creature gains +3 Level, +3 attack and +15 HP.

This would allow some "advancement" for existing figures and - in my opinion - would not overpower them or break the game. This would be the case when the attack damage would be improved - because minis with area and multiple attacks could become overpowered. Higher AC could also be a serious problem when the minis have already a high AC (by the way I really like that the new Epic have not super-high AC). A higher chance to hit and more Hit Points should not cause serious issues, as far as I can see (maybe creatures wiht Insubstantial and Conceal should not be able to use the items).

I think such items could make many mins playable who suffer from low attack values. When I plan a warband for 200, I always choose main hitters with at least +16vs. AC because of the existing powerful minis with AC between 27 and 30.

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I have a complete game with 16-20 'character classes' that will permit leveling up.
Its been playtested a lot, with more scheduled for the coming months.
It uses the DDMv3 engine.



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Wow. Would be great if you share it.