MTG based miniatures?

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MTG based miniatures?

So, I have been rerouted here from a MTG based site, I had this thought that there are a lot of cool ideas in the MTG multiverse that there must be some cool stuff to make minis from!

I mean, Imagine minis based upon the ten guilds of Ravnica for instance, fielding Gruul Barbarians against Izzet Electromages, or fielding a Golgari Rotlitch riding a Horror Insect beast fronted by Zombie trolls.
My god, I want to see that... So, I just wanted to throw that out there, in case someone else find this idea fun and want to build on it.

Would also be cool to design Slivers and Phyrexians too.

Sorry if you have no idea what I am talking about, here is a link that at least explains the Ravnica setting somewhat:

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Although I don't play MTG (I tried, and was rubbish at it Puzzled ), I can see the attraction of minis from that world - however, DDM is more in line with the DnD multiverse.

Paizo have some more radical minis also in PPM, but they have no DDM stats. I'd suggest that would be a good idea to do sometime though. There are a lot of uniques, such as the Rune Lords that would be awesome in DDM.

There is a Zombie Troll Smile

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Correction-- zombie ogre. Boardgamegeek has somepaizo dem cards.


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I posted a while back about statting up the Paizo minis. Would love to see it.


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