Chapter Update

I’m honored to serve as the Guild’s first Chapter Lead. As Chapter Lead, it’s my job to work with the Guild’s Chapter Masters to ensure that the Guild is fulfilling the needs of the individual chapters and the chapter membership as a whole. What is a Chapter Master, you might ask? Great question, and a perfect segue into this month’s update:

Call for Chapter Masters

With the publication of this newsletter, the DDM Guild is putting out an official call for Chapter Master candidates. Chapter Masters are responsible for organizing local players into a Chapter, facilitating chapter members’ applications for Guild membership, and—most importantly—organizing and reporting local D&D Miniatures events, both sanctioned and casual. In addition, Chapter Masters feed input from the chapter members to the Guild team through the Chapter Lead.

Chapter activity will be the backbone of the Guild’s success. Getting together with a group of miniatures enthusiasts and rolling the dice is what we’re all about. So, Chapter Masters will perform an invaluable service for the Guild. But it’s not all hard work! I’m working with our OP Lead to develop rewards for tournament organizing and judging. Stay tuned for more details.

Candidates are asked to email [ ]. Please include your name, your location, where you play D&D Miniatures, the approximate number of local players, and a bit about your experience and involvement with your local D&D Miniatures community of players.

Online Inter-Chapter League

Starting in January, the Guild will host an online D&D Miniatures league that will pit Guild Chapters against each other in an epic struggle for fame, glory, and prizes! The inter-chapter league will feature 200-point Sealed play and will utilize the Guild’s monthly league format. Games will be scheduled weekly. Players will sign up on one of our community forums and will be matched with players from different chapters. In May—just before the release of the next new D&D Miniatures sets, the Guild will crown a Grand Champion and award her Chapter the title of Guild Brute Squad. Oh, and did I mention prizes? Stay tuned for more details in January.

DDM Guild Logo

Recently, the DDM Guild put out a call for submissions of a logo design. We received several fine submissions, but one logo in particular stood out to us. The logotype, by Joel Broveleit (Demetri0us), is simple, powerful, and recognizable. It evokes the early days of D&D Miniatures and is itself a harbinger of the game’s rebirth. Congratulations, Joel, and thank you!

Guild Meeting

D&D Experience 2009 will be held from January 29 to February 1 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. On Friday, January 30 at 5 PM, the DDM Guild will host its first Guild Meeting. Meet fellow miniatures enthusiasts, learn about the Guild’s plans for 2009, and snag some exclusive swag!

As you can see, we have a lot planned, and this is just the beginning! Be sure to sign up for Guild updates at Until next time, initiative!