GenCon Event Run Down

This year, the DDM Guild will be putting on more events than ever at GenCon. Come join us for some of the fun! If you aren’t sure which events to attend, a full description is available here to help you pick and choose which events are right for you.

Minis League

NMN1123905 All Weekend
Show up and one ticket lets you play with Dungeons and Dragons miniatures all weekend long. We supply the figures, maps and rules.
(You will need a d20, paper and pencil). Any time you have some free time, come by and keep playing. The more you play, the more minis you can collect. This is very popular with families and casual players, but the die hard players come too. And this year, we’ll have some new stats that are being designed specifically for league, which should bring a smile or two to the old timers.

DDM Epic Beginnings Tourney

NMN1122110 Thursday 9am
The first tournament of the con! Bring a legal 500 point warband with a twist to this Epic Tournament. And the twist is simply this: Warband size is limited to 8.

DDM Blood War Tournament

NMN1122112 Thursday 7pm
Squad size battles come to the Blood War.
Bring a legal 121 point warband (yes, 121 points) and a small map to this tournament. Your entire warband must include either the Orc or Goblin keyword (but not both). Warband size is limited to 8.

DDM 200 Point Constructed Tourney

NMN1122111 Friday 9am
The traditional warm up for the championships (see below), this event is nonetheless a competitive stand-alone 200 point tournament in its own right.


NMN1123871 Friday 2pm
Bring a legal warband consisting of exactly 2 creatures, and a cost of 100 points or less. Play on the small maps. Like the gladiators of old, you need to be prepared for surprises! Each round after the first will offer a different set of conditions, chosen by the Fates…

Dungeon Run

NMN1122109 Friday 7pm
This ~3 hour, sealed event pits up to 8 players per giant map against each other. No need for victory points here. This event is a race to escape with the greatest number of treasure items before the imminent collapse of the dungeon. Seats are limited. (The event sold out at Neoncon).

Constructed Championship

NMN1120537 Saturday 9am
This is it – possibly the most competitive tournament of the year. Bring your strongest legal 200 point warband in an attempt to be crowned the Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures Constructed Wold Champion in this swiss format tournament. There will be a top 4 playoff, which may be top 8 if there is good subscription to the tournament. And the top 8 will play on a new map.
(Well, new to DDM as we play it, anyway.)

DDM 50 Point Constructed Arena

NMN1123879 Saturday, 2PM
Did someone say small unit battles? Make a legal warband worth 50 points. Only 5 figures allowed, and none can be worth more than 35 points. Play on a small map. This is the perfect beginner’s tournament, but even the verterans have a nostalgic soft spot for 50 point play. Fun!

DDM Community Draft

NMN1122108 Saturday 7pm
The most popular, and least competitive, Gen Con DDM Event! Each player must bring two boosters (and a print out of cards, if their set doesn’t have them included) and a prize that you’d even like to take home yourself. This fills up the prize table, which means prizes for all players!
Over the years, many strange things have made it onto the prize table, from beautiful repaints to board games to collections of rares miniatures to rare D&D paraphenalia to Jack Daniels, and all have (I assume) found loving homes. We supply a map, did I mention that? Play level is casual!

DDM Auction Draft

NMN1122107 Sunday 9am
The Sunday morning events frequently start slightly later due to late night that is the Community Draft, but you will want to be there on time for this new format. First tested at NeonCon 2010, this is a variant of a regular draft. Players are pooled into pods, each is given an allotment of gold, and then all crack their boosters and put the creatures up on the auction block. That’s when the bidding starts, and you find out how much a creature is really worth. Some are expensive deals, some are total steals. You have to be a savvy bidder, builder and player to win this one…

As you can see, it’s going to be a pretty fun line up. Look forward to seeing you there!



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