New Maps!

Some of you might remember a DDM Map Design contest from more than a year ago. I've been reluctant to post much about it because I wasn't entirely sure we'd ever actually get new maps. It's a long process to refine the maps, playtest, work with the artists, revise, work with printers, revise, get the maps printed, and eventually make them available for sale.

Map Design Contest

Due to generous financial backing from Tobias (and likely Tried as well), we are fortunate to be able to fund the art production and printing of a new double-sided map! We have a commitment from the amazing artist Jason Engle, who has vast map making experience. We will be making small maps (22x17) due to lower art costs, lower printing costs, and legal map balance (there are currently 30 legal large maps and only 8 legal small maps).

Dwarven Tiles

Tiles are making a comeback. Or at least, they might. I am releasing a beta version of the Dwarven Halls tile set we developed last spring for open playtest. Each tile is placed on a 3x4 section of the board, and may subtly, or not-so-subtly, change it.

Tract of the Tarrasque: The (Legal) Modification

This solves everything.
Ok, it doesn't quite solve everything, but it makes the cool artwork of Jared Von Hindeman legal again in the DDM game.

Board Game Equivalents

Its long overdue, but we finally have the stats from the unique miniatures one can find in the popular WoTC Adventure System board games. These include new, legal stats for the ever-popular Regis and Catti-Brie, as well as Jarlaxle and other friends. The stats are good for the unpainted miniatures included in those games, or any painted, identical sculpt released in the Dungeon Command series now or in the future.

Map Gazetteer

Have you ever wondered what that special square was again? Fret no more, we have created the Map Gazetteer specially for that purpose!

The Map Gazetteer precisely describes each map legal in the revised game, including information on what kinds of terrain each square is considered.