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Matob Matobsen
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Invisible minis

Hi everyone,

what do you think bout idea that invisible minis (or minis with hide etc.) might be really invisible?

Now it´s much more easier to target area attack to hit invisble (or hiden) minis - but at the moment you don´t see mini it will be much more harder.

I don´t have clue how to do it (only ideas are have computer and mark position on computer screen or on paper like A1 for first square..), but i think it might bring more fun to the game.

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I'm certainly willing to explore this idea as a house rule. I doubt that we (I say we, I have nothing to do with rules change Smile ) would want to consider implementing a rules change for invisible, this is too much of a change to the mechanics. It also changes the way the game is played, it becomes somewhat of a game of Battleship. B2? Hit!

But as a house rule, how would you consider making this playable?

The first challenge, is that it requires tracking, presumably with row and column number, however without putting his finger on the map to count displacements, it's near impossible for the player to determine without a good possibility for error where the creature is. You'd have to ask the other player to close his eyes while you count your displacements?

Also, DDM allows for the opponent to verify the actions of an opponent's miniatures, notably avoiding errors by the opponent. How do you then allow this, when, say, the Gnome Trickster casts invisibility on an ally? The Gnome's controller would say "my gnome is within 5 of this target, and he casts invisibility"? Then, on the next round, when this controlled says "My gnome now uses Snakes Swiftness on this other target ally" and the other says "you seem far from your last position, are you sure you move was legal", how do you handle that?

I guess you can note the position during the entire game, and provide the tracking sheet to your opponent at the end of the game; but it errors were made, it's too late to correct them. It invalidate the game.

Assuming both players are willing to forego the usual verification and trust each other, this could be foregone.

Invisibility would be much more powerful than it is right now.

Hide, presumably, would remain unchanged.

This would be very different than how the games plays. I like the idea, this would bring the game closer to the RPG, I just can't see a practical implementation right now within the DDM game that makes sense however.

plastic finn
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I agree with both of you.

Having used "coloured pearls" for invisible creatures (until they become visible for an opponent creature for the first time) in scenario play, it is in my experience fun and adds to RPG-like set-up. Works well there!

For the reasons listed in skyscraper's thoughtful reply I think it's too much to overcome in the regular DDM. Why not try it for fun in a friendly game, though!

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@plastic finn, can you clarify how you used your colored pearls? Was it that the opponent knew a creature was there, but didn't know what it was?

plastic finn
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Exactly. I sometimes do this when running a self-made scenario:

Every miniature of mine the opponents (or "adventurers") do not see are represented by a pearl; then, when one of their creatures has a line of sight to the creature (even during movement) OR it takes damage OR it attacks I switch the actual miniature to the pearl's place and its card becomes available for them to see.

It has worked out to add some extra suspense before the actual exchange begins. If I was to do it with wide variety of levels, I'd represent different levels with colors, for example 1-5 yellow, 6-12 brown, 13+ purple to give the players something to work with when deciding their positioning etc.

It would work one-on-one as well, I believe, if the players trust each other with the things you already pointed out above.