Tournament in Montreal

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Tournament in Montreal

So, I both hosted and participated in my first DDM tournament! Smile

I was great fun.

Format was 200-5, 50 minute timed games (not including setup).

There was finally only 6 of us. Still a fine turnout.

I planned a round-robbin tournament, with each player playing once against each of the other players - total 5 games. In the end, only 1 player played 5 games: one left after 3 (family), 1 after 4 (travelling), and 2 had to quit during their last game. I was scheduled to play against the player that played 4 games for the fourth game, so i had no playing partner for one game. The timing was still perfect, I had scheduled an 8 hour time slot for 5 games, including allowing people to arrive (out first games started one hour after the invitation time), provide some comments about how the tournament would work, and then time for lunch (pizza). We finished about 30 minutes early.

I had assigned a rotation of previously randomly determined maps to each game, from 6 half-maps: Monster Lair, Haunted Quarry, Beholder's Lair, Windswept Precipice, Pillars of Heaven and Pirate Cove. With map being thusly assigned, each player had 2 warbands to chose from, and before games began, players rolled a first champion test to determine who would choose the warband first. The one to choose the warband first also chose who sets up first on the battlemap.

JP (who goes by John_Flipp on this forum) and I both went 4-0 and JP won to the tie breaker of points, having summed up the hefty amount of 631 points against my 581. Congrats to him! We were scheduled to play the last game of the day he and I, but JP had to leave at that point - perfectly understandable since he had 1.5 hours to drive to get home!

Other notes on the event:

1) a couple of players were, not beginners, but had less experience
2) I was the one to prepare warbands for 2 other players. I had prepared a bunch, and they chose from those (consequently not knowing what others played)
3) it was a first experience playing timed games for just about everyone. Honestly, I admit to having resisted this for a long time, preferring the laid-back approach that we have had to gaming. And, mea culpa: I think I prefer timed games. I particularly like that victory points matter more, and that in some games, killing one creature changes everything.

In the end, this was a really fun event, at least from my perspective; and I think that the other players enjoyed it also.

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My warbands:

Aspect of Orcus + Supernatural Resilience (91+3)
Foulswpawn Seer (55)
Wraith (29)
Rot Scarab Swarm (19)
Githzerai + Cursed: Rot Scarab (5-2)

I played this warband vs Drow (Yochlol, Drow Captain, Draegloth Favored One, 2 x Drow Scout each with Elven Cloak). Orcus is a beast. I managed an alpha nuke and the game was done after activation #1 honestly. Then, Rot Scarab remains a strong shutdown piece even with end-of-round limitation. Yochlol was Immobizlied on round 1 by Orcus, moved out on round 2, and then was stunned on rounds 3 and 4 by Rot Scarab. I won 153-3.

Van Richten 59
Solara Than 51
Aluksair Orbaskyr 46
Cazi Alphelandra + Cursed: Lodestone (31-2)
Bryn Lightfingers 14

I played two games with this one. It went well, I did not lose a single creature during those two games. Van Richten is actually very good: two range 10 automatic hits that Daze, one mass heal for 15 HPs, Close Wounds to avoid one creature dying, plus CP's that add damage to bloodied enemies. Solara is a good warlord type also, the +2 attack/+2 AC CPs' are nice, the power that allows allies to move 4 is useful, Setup Strike is tricky to pull off and pretty circumstantial so I wouldn't count on it (used it once in 3 games total with her). Cazi is a very reliable ranged attacker, and Alusair is good with +10 to charge for the engagement round, and then 2 Heal 10 CPs'.

I am the only one to have played a game with a third warband, it was a martial warband with HLF, Mighty Blademaster, Cleric of Dol Arrha, Earth Genesi Fighter (good for its cost IMO), and Humand Sellsword. We wanted to avoid repetition, so my opponent and I agreed that I switch. This is obviously a relatively efficient warband, but frankly not as interesting to play from my perspective.

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I'm curious to hear more about the ruleset you used, and any playtest feedback on the v3 rules.

Also, how many players were beginners? Do you think they will come back and play more?

Did you consider giving them advantage in their first games to make it a more balanced game? I know some people don't want to get any advantage like that, but I always like to offer...

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Re: ruleset

Ruleset was Hybrid v2/v3.

From v3 we had:
- horizontal/diagonal/vertical lines for Close Attack . I was a witness of one line hitting two creatures in game I did not play in. Otherwise, I frankly do not know whether this was either frequent or significant.
- Alternating Resolution Rule - but it was not required once that I know (except once for declaring start of round powers in one of my games in alternating order, but the CP's did not actually trigger off each other, so the actual order was unimportant.)
- Burrowing: now works like Flying (OA's from starting position, OAs from other burrowing that can also block movement). One player had burrowing creatures and was briefed about the new rule and had not problem with it.
- cover: now effective against any attack type for Ranged Attack . Half players did not know about the original limitation of AC/REFL anyway, so this only simplified things.

We also had, that did not come to bear:
- new mount rules, but no warband with mounted units was selected
- Pits/hanging: I don't think anyone ended up in a pit a single time.

I finally opted not to change the hard corner rule. After having tried something else, frankly I do not see the point for now. All three options of (1) status quo requiring 2 movement but diagonal square being adjacent, (2) hard corner counts always counts as 2 and (3) hard corner always counts as 1 diagonally; all three, have advantages and drawbacks. While my favorite rules-wise would be the simpler version #3, it however appears to reduce map size a bit and I kind of like walls being signifant barriers. Option #2 seemed really attractive until I tried it and it was weirder than I thought it would be. I'm used to #1 and kinda like it like that for now.

Re: beginners

Beginner players having never played: none.

One player had played 3 games and considered himself a beginner, and he indeed could have optimized his play quite a bit that I saw. He had good warbands IMO (that I had made for him) and managed to go 1-3 and he was winning game #5 when it was interrupted.

One player had at least a dozen games in, but he is a beginner making his own warbands and he opted to do so instead of picking some I made. I think he could have fared better with better warbands, and also he was very unlucky in die rolls in at least 2 games. He went 0-4.

One player was actually pretty good, he made his own warbands also, they were not bad (better than the last one's) but perhaps not quite as competitive as some others. He played well however. He had not played for some years and he went 1-3.

One player had less than 5 games experience, but he is a strong tactical player who had also selected good warbands to play with from those I prepared. He went 2-1.

The last 2, JP and I, have more experience, although we are both tournament newbies. We went 4-0.

Re: new players

All players are friends of ours. They play because we play. They don't have a miniature collection and I don't think any is thinking about getting one. I believe that they will continue playing the game, and all said they were interested in playing again in a tournament if I organize another.

I also have a few other friends that already know how to play and with whom I play occasionally, and a couple of others that mentioned being interested in learning, but again they do not buy minis, they use my stuff. A few rare build their own warbands (only 2 out of about 8-10 to whom I showed the game).

So I have quite a bit of friends that play, but they all rely on me to do it. None has the interest or wishes to commit to build a collection. They all think I'm a bit crazy to hoard so many miniatures - and they're partly right Smile But that said, we use them in our RPG's too, my kids play with them abundantly, so they see a lot of use.

I am also slowly considering approaching one of the FLGS' that are near my home (I have 2 within 10 minutes walk, and 1 other 5 minutes by car) to see if a small community could be built there. The problem is time. I have a lot of small amounts of time to do stuff here and there while at work (like now to type this post) or at home (mostly after my kids go to sleep) but weekend afternoons or evenings are a scracer resource between kids, girlfriend, friends and sometimes simply wanting some time alone to keep my mental sanity at an acceptable level Smile But, Montreal used to be a very thriving DDM community (one of the World Champs from a ways back was from here, and then there were numerous chapters in Montreal only) and perhaps the interest could pick up again. I managed to hook up with a couple of old players, but they showed up (against my recommendation) with old minis only and even if I used tier-2 warbands I still wiped them. Although they both said they'd be back for more, I've never heard from them again (don't mind the freshly filled hole in my backyard...) So I'd have to organize something like I did with my friends where I would provide the warbands, at least to start, because old warbands simply don't hold up against the new ones.

Anyway, rant rant rant. We had fun, my friends like the game and they're all going to play some more, with me or in future tournaments that I organize, and we'll see about anything more in the future.

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Thanks for sharing, skyscraper. Congratulations for you first tournament and all the best to the Montreal community!

Area Attack

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Just a note:

Old warbands do hold up, in my opinion.

If they are from 008, when ddm was super fresh, perhaps they don't.
But anything from 2011 on is probably at least ok, if it was originally competitive.



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Thanks for the details. That sounds great. Glad to hear some of the new rules are holding up well.