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News From GENCON

Play was fun today. Tournament 3 (bloodwar) that pits goblins against orcs, is underway with round one a few minutes old now.
There are 12 players.

This afternoon we played the gladiators tourney, which saw James Prather go 5-0, and Joel Barnabe finish second at 4-0. 6 players finished after that with 3 wins in a field of 15. The format was popular.

This morning we had 11 out for the Epic Beginnings tournament, where trebuchets and rakshasas ran rampant, yet did not win it all.

Many in league are playing with the Feymire boosters that were packaged by the guild. This is a semi-epic restat set of 15 figures that people seem really happy with. We will release to the general public in the next couple of weeks. It includes the Epic Ragnara figure designed by 2010 constructed champ and limited runner up Joel Broveleit. She's costed at 43, like another champ-designed figure we frequently find in evil wild and civ bands.
There are only 50 boosters made of Feymire, which means that if they sell out, we go to savage encounters as the league booster. Still a great deal, since players are loving the map that comes with league entry. (It is the long promised symmetrical Dwarven Halls map, finally printed, albeit with a small glitch. It can be assembled into symmetrical larger maps, in fact.)


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Sounds great! Thanks for the news, Tried. Very interesting stuff you've got up there - the boosters, Ragnara, Dwarven Halls etc.

Would love to hear more about the gladiator warbands! Not to mention the Feymire re-stats and Ragnara!!!

Blunt Claymore
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Thanks for all your efforts, Tried. I'm very sad to have missed it this year, but hope to catch it all the next time it comes around...

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did the feymire packs sell out?

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Oh, my, yes they did. Most were gone the first day, and we trickled a few out over then next.
And we saved a couple to use in the community draft (Darien's pod and my pod each drafted from one).


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Have any of the warbands been posted from the events at GenCon? I would be interested in seeing the bands from the different formats, and especially the 200 and 500 formats.

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This was my first time to GenCon. Here is my 500pt epic band. 3-1

Trebuchet 141 X2
Rakshara Baron 75
Rune carved Eidion 52
Skull cleave warrior 39
Gnome trickster 27
Merchant Guard 8 X2
Mialee 6
Man at arms 3

I won the first time against a similiar band, minus one trebuchet. I lost the second to a pair of SoBDs, although I may have won if we hadn't run out of time. I won against a band of 3- Epic Drizzt, Ghaeli, and RCE. I won the last against a band of epic Raistlin, thrall, dev sergent, skw, hobgoblin marshall, tomebound arcanist and goblin runner.

In the arena tournament I ran a dragon samuria and skw and went 3-2
losing against a band of two shadow dragons and the winning band of skw and exart tf tyranny.

I won the dungeon run at my table, however I forget what band I had.

The 200 pt constructed and 200pt Championship tourneys I ran basically the same party, doing horrible in the consructed. I redid the party for the Championship and went 1-3 before dropping.

Storm 57
Arcane archer 48
Autumn wind ranger 33
Raistlin 26
Human sellsword 14
Merchant guard 8 X2
Mialee 6

Storm 57
Elf arcane archer 47
Skullcleave warrior 39
Autumn wind ranger 33
merchant guard 8 X2
Mialee 6


Blunt Claymore
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Thanks for the report, Andrew. Hope everyone else had a good time too. More reports! Inquiring minds want to know. Particulary, what worked for Gladiator bands?