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GenCon report (Moraturi)

I pretty much ran all of the events for the week.
Right at the start I want to thank Ira for doing all of the event creation, and bshugg for helping out- especially in the prep work for the Community Draft on Sat night.

Thursday, we had one event scheduled: the 500 Arena.
Ira had not yet arrived (as I suspect many others) for the first day, so the only person to attend was XxBuzzxX, and he and I played a few games.
For his tourney warband, he brought:
Displacer Beast Packlord x2,
Wild Elf Warsinger,
Twig Blight

and I played:
Draegloth Abomination x3 (Darkmage Disguise x2)
Large Deep Dragon
Ryld Argith (w/ a Cursed Lodestone)

Played on Dwarven Halls
Starting out of the start area, I was able to get 2 of the Abominations across the board and take out his fodder immdediately, while at the same time locking Iymrith in the secret doored room.
The Displacer beasts were hard to take down with the Conceal 11 (I think I hit them the expected number of times: about 1/2), but was able to take them down losing only one Abomination. Then I just had to knock Iymrith down. She may be incredible good in a 200 point format, but she doesn't have a high enough attack bonus in 500 to get any real hits in.
I ended up winning with only the one abomination lost.

We then stayed for a bit and played a couple of games for fun using some of the extra warbands I had brought.
Couple of notes there. The BUT is still a powerhouse in 500, and the Epic Hezrou has a massively difficult AC to hit when it gets the Stench.

On Friday, we had the 200 Arena, the 50 Arena, and the 100 Gladiator Stable.

For the 200 Arena, there were 3 players (me, Ira, and XxBuzzxX)
we played a round robin so each player got 2 games. The results went Rock-Paper-Scissors. Buzz beat Ira, Ira beat me and I beat Buzz.
The warbands were:

Buzz played:
Cloud Giant Captain (136)
Thrall of Black razor (43)
Snaketongue Cultist (17)
Wild elf Warsinger (9) with Cursed Rot Scarab (-2)
Twig Blight (3)

Ira played:
Solar Angel (112) with Supernatural Resistance (3)
Dwarfbred Griffon (25) x3
Stalwart Paladin (9)

I played my usual theme:
Drow Captain (47) with Cursed Lodestone (-2)
Yochlol Tempter (63) x2
Shadar-kai Stalker (28)

For the 50 Arena, we had 4 players (Me, XxBuzzxX, Generic Fighter and Sam)
We played 3 round robin rounds.
1st: I won 3-0,
2nd: Sam went 2-1
3rd: Buzz went 2-1
4th: Generic Fighter went 0-3

I played the same warband as last year:
Shadar-kai Stalker (28) with a Cursed Lodestone (-2)
Drow Enforcer (16)
Drow Assassin (7) with a Cursed Rot Scarab (-2)
Twig blight (3)

Sam played:
Arcadian Avenger (31)
Small Black Dragon (11)
Blue (5)
Goblin Skirmisher (3)

XxBuzzxX played:
Wild Elf Warsinger (9) with Healing potion (5)
Hunting Cougar (9) x4

Generic Fighter played:
Snig the axe (20)
Norker (9) x2
Blue (5)
Goblin Runner (4)
Goblin Skirmisher (3)

For the 100 Gladiator Stable, only Ira and I were there, so we just played each of our warbands against each other, using the Stable format. Ira won every game. Map choice was substantial (only playing on either Pillars of Heaven or Pirate's Cove)
I did not write down what Ira brought, but I am sure he will do a report of his own soon.

For the Saturday events, we had 50 Gladiator Stable, the 200 Assault constructed and the evening Draft event.

For the 50 Gladiator Stable, we had 3 players (Me Ira and Chris)
Chris was unaware of the 75% rule, but we let him playe casually with at least one of his bands that only had 1 mini (at 48 points)

We played each of 4 warbands alternately against the other 2 players, so everybody got 4 games, with two of them versus the same player.

In my stable, I had:
Shadar-Kai Stalker with Cursed Lodestone and Soulknife Infiltrator
Thundertusk boar and a Dwarf Brawler with a Potion of Strength
Arcadian Avenger and a Dutybound Paladin
Gelatinous Cube, Electric and a Howling Orc

In Ira's stable, he had:
Human Paladin and a Large Duergar
Thri-keen Protector and a Snaketongue Cultist
Vasara, Dwarf Paladin and a Drow Enforcer
Clawborn Scorrow and a Dutybound Paladin

In Chris's stable, he had:
Soulknife Infiltrator x2
Githyanki Fighter and a Human Sellsword
Gelatinous Cube and a Deppshadow Elf
Clawfoot Rider by itself, which would be illegal, but for fun allowed.

R1 was me v Ira. I put up the Electric Cube/Orc, and he responded with the Scorrow/Paladin
Map was Pillars of Heaven. I set up the Cube right in fron tof his start area and he came out immediately with the Clawborn, getting on of his hits as a Critical on the cube. I was able to Helpless the Clawborn next, but was a round away from getting my orc into the melee. Fortunately, his Clawborn failed the save and I was able to take it out before it could go again. His Paladin then finished the Cube (which would have taken longer without the crit), and it came down to a slugfest between the paladin and the Orc. I ended up winning.

R2 was me v Chris. Chris put up the Cube/Elf and I responded with the Avenger/Paladin. We played on the Pirate's Cove. The Cube started in the VA, and I moved the Avenger up on it in the second round and went after the Elf with the Paladin to try to mitigate the ranged attacks. The cube was able to stop at least 1 round of attacks from the avenger and at one point I had to move the Paladin up on the cube, which then made him helpless and allowed the Elf to kill the paladin in the same round that the avenger killed the cube. Which left the (nearly full) avenger on the Elf. I won.

R3 was Chris v Ira
Chris put up the Soulknifes and Ira responded with Vasara. I didn't pay too much attention, but my impression was that Ira used cover until he could close and melee attack on the soulknifes with the Dwarf and Enforcer combo.
Ira won.

R4 was me v Ira
Ira put up the Human Paladin and Large Duergar and I responded with the Thundertusk/Dwarf. Ira was able to prevent my charges the first few rounds until we got into melee, and a couple of hits on the Charger set it up where I couldn't risk the AoO and just had to go melee. First the Charger went down, and then the dwarf.
Ira won

R5 was me v chris
Chris put up the Clawfoot and I responded with the Shadar-kai/Soulknife. He did not have much chance since both of my creatures were effectively invisible and he couldn't range or charge them, so he too a round of hits just crossing to melee, and from there just took more hits.
I won.

R6 was Ira v Chris
Both players were down to there last warbands so Ira played Thri-keen/snaketongue v Chris's Githyanki Fighter/Human Sellsword.
I don't remember the outcome of this one, but I am sure Ira will have it.

For the 200 Assault Championship there were 4 players (XxbuzzxX, bshugg, Jeremy P., and Tom M) I did not play so there was an even number of players and I could judge.

Tom played a warband that I had brought, since he brought the wrong format of his own.
Elminster of Shadowdale (100) with a Cloak of Eyes (7)
Wand Expert (33) x2
Merchant Guard (Cool x2
Goblin Runner (4) x2
Goblin Skirmisher (3)
(Kings Road)

Jeremy played:
Storm Silverhand (57)
Regdar, Adventurer (20)
Cazi Alephelandra (31) x2
Human Sellsword (14) x2
Hommet Shaw (9)
Raistlin Majere (26)
(Drow Outpost)

XxBuzzxX played:
Ettin Mercenary Leader (45) with a Cursed Lodestone (-2)
Cleric of Gruumsh (21) with Allpulp's Ale (3)
Snig the Axe (20)
Raistlin Majere (26)
Militia Archer (14) with a cursed rot scarab (-2)
Howling Orc (15) x5

Bshugg played:
Iymrith (150)
Worg (11)
Merchant Guard (Cool 3 with Cursed Rot Scarabs (-2)
Skeletal Legionaire (4)
(Dragondown Grotto)

1st: Bshugg won 3-0
2nd: XxBuzzxX went 2-1
3rd: Jeremy went 1-2
4th: Tom went 0-3

Our last event was the Community draft. We had 16 players total attend. I did not play so that I could judge. Boosters came from a variety of expansions, but most were from Storm King's Thunder. About 1/2 of the players were new players (with some familiarity with DnD).

finishing order at the end was:
1st: XxBuzzxX
2nd: Ira
3rd: Chris A.
4th: David G(1).
5th: Colby
6th: Bshugg
7th: Anatasia
8th: Garrett G.
9th: Daryl J.
10th: Thomas H.
11th: Tom M.
12th: Brandon M.
13th: Jeremy P.
14th: Generic Fighter
15th: David G(2).
16th: Jackson G.

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James, thanks so much for taking the reigns on this.
Hoping to be able to make both major tournaments next year.

And maybe we might even consider a non-gencon north american tournament....


Guildmaster Head of Organized Play

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Definitely thank you to James for all the organizing. It was great getting to play with him, and the Community Draft event went quite smoothly under his guidance. James also donated quite a few promos as prizes.

Thank you also to Dwayne, who sent a whole lot of prizes - 9 boosters, and a lot of bladebearer hobgoblin and kobold champion promos, as well as a few others. The promos were well-used in the community draft, especially since we allowed items. I know the top two community draft warbands both had bladebearer hobgoblins with the Blade Flurry item - it's quite powerful!

Here's my report on the events I played:
Gladiator Stable 100
Note: We had 5 warbands in 4 rounds. In the future, we'll use 4 warbands in 4 rounds. The advantage to picking warband second is significant, but goes down more quickly with only 4 (and goes to 0 when you're on the last round). As Dwayne suggested, it's good that the person who must pick warband first also gets to pick map and setup first (though only from the maps provided). I think if we let any map be used, that could be broken.

Note 2: I really love the stable format for gladiator! It's a really interesting warband building challenge, and I like that gladiator games are short and bloody. Win or lose, you can move on to the next game quickly. And, tactical decisions in battle still matter.

Groupthink values (GT): James 10 Ira 9
James wins GT roll but chooses to pick first (likely a mistake).
Erinyes highguard, gnome trickster, Pillars of heaven
I pick my Galeb Duhr + Wulfgar band due to anti-invis tech.

They go invis
Galeb duhr gets in range to rolling thunder trickster Rd 2, using tremor sense. Then uses stone form to save damage. Rope is annoying, but not that bad. Wulfgar uses line against all three while they were invis and stone transformation was still active. Probably a mistake that James put both his figs in a line. (I really like the new line rules - so much simpler!).
I clean up Erinyes pretty easily.

Rd 2
James wins groupthink, makes me pick first
I pick Crag Ungart, Dwarfbred griffon with Brigg's bold Battlestance x2 on pirate cove
James: Dire tiger, war priest of vandria
I score 5, we maneuver a bit. I charge in, Griffon dies early, but puts me in a good position for a Flourish. I miss with a 2, but war priest still dies quickly. Bold Battlestance and high defenses help Crag beat tiger pretty easily, especially since we ended up near his start area.

Water got in the way of shifting the tiger for charging, and vandria is always next to two creatures due to the mount. Brigg's Bold Battlestance combined with a mount was super strong in this format.

We forgot to play +1 to melee attack due to mounted! Oops. Smile

Rd 3
I win groupthink, he picks Behir, vadania, pillars of heaven
I choose shield dwarf wizard x2 and fenrirs fabulous fixative
I immobilize Behir for many rounds and he resigns when Behir is down to 30 while I still have 2 cp left
Auto hit is incredibly strong vs 31 AC!
I feel happy with my warband/stable building, since it's doing a good job countering James, but maybe it's not as fun for him... At the least the games are short!

Rd 4
I win GT. James: HFL githyanki war leader
Ira: HFL, human paladin
He picks pillars of heaven.

We forgot hard corners! Oops. I think we should probably just always ignore hard corners when counting distance in v3, so hard corners can still be adjacent...

He goes after paladin first, I go after HFL first
He misses paladin who lives long enough to use clarity twice and healing once. Initiative control mattered too, though the extra attack from war leader was very nice. Paladin got 1 hit on HFL that put him within only 1 more hit of my HFL instead of 2. And the healing of my HFL gave him an extra hit vs war leader.

In the end, my 70 HP HFL beat his 70 HP githyanki war leader pretty easily, even after missing a couple times with low rolls.

The Human Paladin I played was a gift from Dwayne, and it's quite strong in this format, due to CP 4 and GT control. Thanks, Dwayne!

Gladiator stable 50
Human Paladin, lodestone, large duergar
Vasara, drow enforcer
Thri kreen protector, snaketongue cultist
Clawborn scorrow, lodestone, dutybound paladin

NOTE: I was expecting invisibility, and I would have made that last warband Clawborn Scorrow, Potion of Blindsight, Shardsoul Slayer (or maybe Delver Sergeant), but I didn't have the minis/items in the end. Oops!

NOTE 2: I used the same Human Paladin from Dwayne, and it's super duper strong in this format, since CP 4 in a stable of only 50 point warbands gives huge control of GT.

Gelatinous cube electric, howling Orc
Arcadian avenger, dutybound paladin
Shadar Kai stalker, lodestone, soulknife infiltrator
Thundertusk boar, dwarf brawler, potion of strength

Gelatinous cube, deep shadow elf
Githyanki fighter, Sellsword
Soul knife infiltrator x2
Claw foot rider

Ira vs James
I win GT
He picks gelatinous cube electric + howling Orc, pillars of heaven, scout 3 squares away from my start area!
I pick clawborn scorrow, lodestone, duty bound paladin

I use CP, I win init, then hit (pass conceal), hit (miss conceal), crit (no conceal). Cube paralyzes scorrow, 20 HP left, saves vs ongoing. Paladin comes in, hits, then misses smite, so cube lives.

Rd 2, I win init, activate paladin and hits to kill cube. Orc does 40 to helpless scorrow. Scorrow doesn't save.

I win init, scorrow doesn't save. Orc kills scorrow.

Then Orc proceeds to get 3 hits (since I'm insubstantial) before I get 4 hits, and James wins. Maybe if I played it a little differently I could have gone to healing font to heal. That's probably what I should have done, going to time, since I was ahead 35 to 33 vp! (He got VPs round 1)

He had +9 vs AC, had to roll 12 or better. I had +10 vs reflex, had to roll 6 or better. After the initial Scorrow attack, I probably win that game 80% of the time... But I did get lucky on the Scorrow attack, and the real answer is to have a potion of Blindsight. Smile

Game 2
James vs Chris
James wins GT
Chris picks gelatinous cube, deep shadow elf, pirate cove
James picks Arcadian avenger, duty bound paladin
James wins pretty easily.

Game 3
Ira vs Chris
Ira wins GT
Chris picks soulknife infiltrator x2, pirate cove
I pick Vasara and drow enforcer

He gets victory area turn 2, but enforcer gets into melee range without easy ranged counter attack. Soulknife dies, getting enforcer low, but Vasara is nearby for body guard. I win easily after that.

Game 4
Ira vs James
James wins GT
Ira picks paladin, large duergar, pillars of heaven
James thankfully picks brawler and Thundertusk (I didn't want to go up against Shadar Kai Stalker without my anti-invis tech).

I avoid charge attacks, he gets some VPs, but paladin comes in and takes out brawler. I got a lucky crit that prevented James from risking an opportunity attack. Easy win with healing once the Brawler went down.

Game 5
James shader Kai stalker, soulknife infiltrator
Chris claw foot rider. Pirate cove.

Easy win for James with early attacks without counter attack

Game 6
Ira thri-kreen protector, snaketongue cultist.
Pillars of heaven
Chris githyanki fighter, Human Sellsword

Battle in the healing font area. It takes me too many attacks to kill Sellsword with low ish rolls from thri kreen. Sellsword dies first, then thri kreen with githyanki at 25 hp and ongoing poison 10 (saved once earlier). Then Chris ends it with a crit to the snaketongue for an insta kill.

I don't think I misplayed it particularly - I think going for the sellsword early was right, but there were just too many low rolls.

Community Draft
An enjoyable draft with lots of SKT. I ended up with:
Cloud giant captain, cazi alphelandra, Bladebearer hobgoblin with blade flurry, homunculus, iron defender

Even though Cazi didn't have Kinship, I figured the Giant Bane would be active, and either way, I wanted a ranged attacker. My other options was to have only 3 activations and play the Fomorian Eyebiter, but I figured the full 5 activations was better with a ranged threat, and the Bladebearer would help keep the Captain alive.

Round 1:
(I'm sorry I don't remember my opponent's name)
He had:
Kleef kenric, Half-Orc True Heart, Kobold champion, Bladebearer hobgoblin with blade flurry, long strider ranger with lodestone
He picks Pillars of Heaven.

We have the big battle on the plateau outside his victory area, but he can't get to it due to the placement of my captain. He had a lot of healing and used both his paladins quite well, but I blocked too much damage with blade flurry - probably 3-4 hits! His bladebearer blocked one of my hits, but then I killed his while the flurry wasn't recharged. In the end, I was able to destroy a lot of his creatures before he could take down the captain.

Round 2:
Anastasia (new player!)
Vrock andro, quaggoth, wrack spawn, crag Ungart, were tiger

Cloud giant captain destroys big creatures! Not much she could do here - she charged in pretty directly, and the captain just wrecked the Vrock and tiger, plus my other creatures were doing well too. She did some damage to the captain, but not enough to bring it down.

Round 3 (final round):
Fire giant duke, cazi alphelandra x2
I made a mistake turn 1 by exposing my Homunculus to his area attack. Otherwise, I might have been able to win even more decisively due to the Spotter ability. As it was, we played a cat and mouse game for a while, but the Captain could auto-hit the Fire Giant Duke for 30 damage every time. At range, the Fire Giant Duke could only do an area attack, and it missed a few times. The archers also missed quite a few times, or did a little damage to the bladebearer.

Eventually I was able to whittle down the Fire Giant Duke, and then come after the archers. The Bladebearer went back to heal at the font after getting down to 5 damage, and then it was able to dominate the endgame because it made the archers auto-miss.

Prizes: I got the colossal Treant (case incentive) from one of the recent WizKids sets, and a very nice Fire Giant repaint from GF!

Overall, I think everyone had a good time, and next year, we're looking to do two sealed events instead of just one, since the turnout for the sealed event was so much better. Who would have thought that opening boosters and playing minis was so fun... Wink