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Matob Matobsen
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EU CHAMPS - Technical

Well, there are some things I´d liek to say out of tournament thread.

You know me, trying to have everything perfect Smile
1.) This time we wil have kettle, so tea or cofee (hooray) will be aviable during tournament. Got some mug as a present, but if you want, bring your own.
2.) Will buy some food as last year in Netherlands, so some bread / buns, butter or whatever you like will be aviable, al I need is to know what you want. Count on soem donations on food, please.
3.) Yes, you can drink beer during tournament Smile
Gameroom sells some food and drinks, but they don´t care if we will bring ours!

Question is: if I´ll bring contact grill, we can make some sausages, toasts or hamburgers or grilled vegetables during tournament - depends on interest, so let me know.

I dont know word impossible, so if you have any qurestions, let me know!

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I don't mind a grill... but... there's also an amazing grill with pork shanks down the road.... yum yum.
Sounds great - can't wait!

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I don't mind any grill or other stuff for food. It will mostly depend on the weather ofcourse. And I have ofcourse no problem in shelling out a couple of czech koruna's for some food. Ideas are great though, so keep 'em coming!


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