EU Championship - I think there's a solution - read down!

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EU Championship - I think there's a solution - read down!


Unfortunately, I might be having my kidney transplant this summer and I'll not be in any state to run the event.

We ave a couple of options:
1) We move venue - who wants to volunteer (Bakterius, Simone?)
2) We keep Manchester, but someone else runs it in my absence - still need a volunteer for this.

Please get discussing.

Alepulp (Pete)

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Best of luck PETER.

I’m in favor of moving the date. Current date of Aug 10-12 is right after Gen Con 2018, Aug 2-5. It would make it easier on my travel schedule if there was a little more time between events.



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Good luck with the hardware update. All the best,


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Thanks for the Heads Up, Peter. Health is always first - we want you around for a long time. Smile

Give me a couple days to wrap my head around this and to send emails around looking for venues.
I don't know manchester, but I almost speak english, so it might work. Central on the continent could work as well. And if either of the gentlemen you've (effectively) called out want to step up, I'm happy to play elsewhere. For me, right now I WILL be in Manchester in July on other business, soooooo....


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I sory to hear that Pete. I want organise EU champ, but in year 2019 if possible and someone want to arrive to Slovakia Smile (is too far I known) My friend want organising Parcon in Banska Bystrica and want join with MTG and D&d players.

plastic finn
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Best of health to you, Peter! It's the most important thing.

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Take care of you, Peter.

The opportunity to host the tournament here in my town Todi) would be great!
As I mentioned in Prague, I have a fairly large place available; Say, 30 square meters, with pizza restaurant, garden where is possible to play outside (in case of extrordinary partecipation XD) and medieval walls next to it. I manage it together with a group of friends of a small gaming club born just 6 months ago.
That said, I would prefer to propose myself as organizer starting from 2019 tournament, so as to have more time to spread the game here (I'm struggling a bit to recruit some DDM followers).

By the way, I'm quite sure to be present as player to 2018 tournament, wherever it will be.

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OK - following some feedback from various sources - I have a suggestion.
The venue and dates stay the same (Manchester etc.)
Tried and I co-organise it. If I am unavailable, Tried can run it! That means all happens as initially suggested. Even if I am somewhat incapacitated, I can come and say "hello" to my friends Smile

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Take good care of yourself Peter, I have no clue about the impact of a kidney transplant, but I think it's a bit harder than 'roll 10 or higher to recover'.

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I am in Manchester the week preceding JULY 27th weekend (work related).
If I can arrange things, would this be an ok weekend to host? Of course, many of things would still need to come together?



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For me, it would be ok...

Matob Matobsen
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Not sure, but 80% I am on holidays with family Sad

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End of July would be impossible for me Sad
10th of August was already in my holiday planing.

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We have two organisers who are backing me up - Tried and Joost. Either will work well for me.
We will keep the same dates - the gaming shop needs booking early to guarantee places (MtG and other games often take priority).