Help! Lookind for several last minis to finish collection

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Matob Matobsen
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Help! Lookind for several last minis to finish collection

Hi guys,

asking for your help - if you have at home between your extras some of these, very interested.

Open to buy or trade and have possibility form time to time to ask friend of mine in USA (and probabaly next year going to Alaska) for these who don´t want to ship intenationally!

Dangerous Delves:
Banshrae Warrior
Chain Devil
Bonechill Chimera (?)
Githzerai Zerth

Concord Illidith
Iron Dragon Prowler

Legendary Evils

Lords of Madness
C´tallum (?)
Elder Blue Dragon
Neogi Great Old Master

Savage Encounters
Bullywug Mud Lord

Plus some might haves
promo Raistlin Majere
Air Archon Zephyrhaunt
Nightwalker (Savage Encounters)
and some rares from new Wizkids DnD series.

Thanks everyone for reading!

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Matob, I have a few of these. I will get them to you next year, no problem.


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plastic finn
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Matob, are you still in search of these?

I finally got around to checking out what I have - did not want to make empty promises until I was sure I got any. So, I found 11 minis from your list as extras I could part with. PM me if you're still interested and we'll see if we can work something out! In today's world we're practically neighbours, so the postage would not be bad.

Matob Matobsen
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Got only Copper Dragon (thanks, John Flipp) - and looking for some from new collections if you have.

Contact me, contact me, contact me Smile)