Warband building contest #2: Epic Giants!

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Warband building contest #2: Epic Giants!

Second warband buildling contest rules:

- Theme is "Epic Giants": Giant and Ogre keywords should dominate. Ogre keyword is considered in-theme due to kinship Smile
- 500 point limit
- 10 creatures maximum
- Normal warband building rules apply (so items are allowed)
- No map choice, so assume game could be played on a random map
- A single entry per participant
- Final submissions must be in by February 11, 2018

Judging criteria
- Warband efficiency
- Sticking to theme
- Warband coolness and originality

Post your warbands! Smile

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Enraged slayers

Borderlands, Evil

  • Imyrith [150]
  • Stone Giant Elder x1 (with Helm of Command) [85+5]
  • Frost Giant Slayer (Axe) x2 [88x2]
  • Half-Ogre Barbarian x4 (with Cursed: Lodestone x3) [25x4-3x2-4x5]
  • Timber Wolf x2 (with Cursed: Shiny Ring x2) [5x2-2x2]
Clemency for Imyrith...she's a dragon, but disguised as giant ^_^
Imyrith has recently persuaded the Stone Giant Elder to be her vassal, using alluring and intimidating promises...
The stone giant elder accepted the offer and in turn, hired some other giant as bruteforce.

Both Imyrith and Stone giant elder champion powers can raise damage, (up to +15).
When a frost giant slayer hits, he deals 25x2+10=60 automatic damage + 5ongoing. Plus ongoing stun, thanks to Stone giant elder.
The four half-ogre slowly advance like vanguard. Their only goal is to reach the enemy (getting wounded in the process goes at their advantage) and deliver their autohit for up to 35 damage, before getting killed.
The two timber wolves should be in theme with frost giants, besides, they grant a honest +3/4 activation each, considering the cursed items.
Lastly, Imyrith role in this warband, apart from buffing allies, is to strike restlessly from the rear. This should balance the warband abbundance of melee units.

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We'll let the judges decide whether Iymrith respects the theme. You know how harsh they can be... Smile

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So here is my entry:

Cloud Giant Captain 130
Fire Giant Runelord 92
Frost Giant Slayer 88
Warpriest of Hextor 52
Githyanki Warleader 39
Classic Ogre Mage 29
Astral Giant x 2 56
Merchant Guard x2, one w/Cursed: Rot Scarab 14

This warband is about damage output and mobility. Warpriest and Warleader can allow up to 4 extra attacks, including Cloud Giant Captain's ranged-sight autohit attack or other high damage melee attacks. Warleader, Cloud Giant and Runelord can all grant movement, e.g. to Slayer, to get it to target with an autocrit the same creature that receives some repeated 40 autodamage. Astral Giants teleport to flank, Ogre Mage can make allies invisible, to increase attack bonuses where necessary to get important attacks to hit or to save allies. Slayer also immobilizes at range, to help Warleader get extra damage (Merciless).

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Storm Giant Thundered 101
Fire Giant Raider 117
Frost Giant Jarl 102
Oni 3 x 38 = 114
Astral Giant 2 * 28 = 56
Infernal armor 7
Goblin Skirmisher 3

Not much of a strategy behind this. Just 3 decent hitters that look cool together and 5 relatively mobile supporting giants.
The Frost Giant Jarl can take pesty resistances away for most other giants. I think the Onis could be interesting blockers in epic games with their gaseous form, so it might be possible to funnel the enemy to the three main hitters. Not sure if it will work out though. If not they are still nice to use as flankers and secondary damage dealers.
The main reason to include Astral Giants is because I have some great looking repaints by Joost. Beside that, they are quite useful with their speed and astral leaps.
The Infernal Armor is here to avoid a merchant guard, probably a bad choice Smile
And the goblin skirmisher is purely a vp grabber and has the benefit that he can start outside the starting area, which will most likely be a bit crowded with 8 giants. I like to think that they kicked him out.

I was actually considering giving a lodestone to an Oni and adding two merchant guards with rot scarabs instead of the armor and the goblin. But I'm not sure if the gaseous form would still work ? Does 'may not gain flight' mean that the oni can't use the power at all? Or does he turn into some wondrous kind of flightless gas?
I won't change it either way, my giants get restless when they can't kick a goblin before a fight.

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Koen, you get points for the nice thematic back story.

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Yep that's cool Smile

FYI my understanding is that the Oni can still take the Lodestone, and it can use its Gazeous Form power, but that power would not grant it Flight.

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I'm not particularly good at these - but here's mine.

King Hekaton
Hill Giant Chieftain
Countess Sansui
Lyrandar Sky Captain
Merchant Guard x 2 plus two Rot Scarabs
Valenar Commander

7 figures, 8 activations

Lyrandar will provide two augmentations depending on the opponent to negate as many immunities as possible.
The tactics involve using Sansui disintegrating at sight, using Valenars champion effect. Keep her alive using the Merchant Guards and her own fog. This will ultimately bring in the opponent. Waiting for them is King Hekaton (also can gradually move over to engage). Once he is in the right place, use Hill Giant Chieftain champion effect to ensure he is the target while Sansui causes havoc. No auto damage as such, but lots of threats.
I can't think of back story... but the King is charismatic, maybe he could have persuaded some elves and humans to join them?

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Stone Giant Elder (85)
Frost Giant Jarl (102-5=97)
Cloud Giant Captain (130-5=125)
Frost Giant Huskarl (69-5=64)
Frost Giant Huskarl (69-5=64)
Classic Ogre Mage (29)
Dwarfbred Griffon (25)
Bandit Captain (13)
And a rot scarab (-2).

This is all the Ogre Mage's manipulation.....he has charmed them all, and together with his little bandit captain minion, he's convinced several rogue Giant's there is treasure for the taking...


Guildmaster Head of Organized Play

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I believe Stone Giant Elder costs 85.

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Warband: We Heard There Were Giants!?

Vasara, Avenger (124)
- Brigg's Bold Battlestance x2 (12)
Crag Ungart (61)
Bruenor Battlehammer (53)
Warpriest of Moradin (49)
- Ointment of Restoration
Shield Dwarf Wizard x2 (96)
Cattie-Brie, Human Archer (48)
Battle Plate Marshal (43)
Shield Dwarf Fighter (5)
Hill Dwarf Warrior (4)

I'm sorry, but I couldn't stop all these Dwarves from showing up...

I actually think it would be quite a fun warband to play, with a huge number of Champion effects, lots of tricks and mobility, which is surprising for Dwarves. I'm giving away my secret tech with Vasara + Brigg's Bold Battlestance, since I love that item, and Epic Vasara has a built-in teleport so being slowed doesn't hurt much.

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I love them dwarves!

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Last day Sunday for entering a warband for the contest! Smile

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Shinsek: I just noted that the Half-Ogre Barbarians are not giants, thus they cannot benefit from the 5-point cost reduction of the Stone Giant Elder. Do you wish to amend your warband?

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Oh! I checked my wb several times and did not find it -_- Confused with the stone giant champion power that works both for giants and ogres alike.

Borderlands, Evil

Imyrith [150]
Stone Giant Elder x1 (with Helm of Command) [85+9]
Frost Giant Slayer (Axe) x2 [88x2]
Half-Ogre Barbarian x3 (with Cursed: Lodestone x1) [25x3-3]
Timber Wolf x2 (with Cursed: Shiny Ring x2) [5x2-2x2]

10 activations

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Got it.