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Original edition thread

Speaking about original edition minis (up to Desert of Desolation), what are some very good bands from every alignement? And also.. How many of you still play this edition?

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I have played a few games at the EU Championships - last year in Milan I came 2nd, and this year we have a friendly one in Prague.

LG - Try Arcane Ballista with a Couatl. Usually with a tank, such as a Dwarf, to protect from ranged attacks.
CG - Frenzied Berserkers - usually with Inspiring Marshalls - cool combo is double Inspiring Marshalls, and 2 Frenzied Berserkers. Try Archmage and Elf Wizard too, usually with Inspiring Marshall
CE - Drow were good - I forget which ones were good together though
LE - Ultroloth with other hitters

If you want to build warbands for OE, try to use Bifur's Warband builder.

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Can you further explain the marshall- berserker combo? I can't quite see it

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Frenzied Berserkers are fast with a speed of 8, and very hard hitters that can do 30 to 60 damage in one round. This, paired with the Inspiring Marshal's Grant Move Action ability all but ensures that you can kill or rout a key piece of your opponent's warband, and not suffer any retaliation.

It's all about positioning. Watch where your opponent moves in the first round, and then start counting squares. Position your Marshal and Berserkers for that deadly strike in the second round. It should you give you an overwhelming advantage by the end of the second round if you can get you Berserkers to hold back and go last.

And if you win initiative in the third round, it's probably game over for your opponent.

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Two Inspiring marshalls makes this grant move action even more powerful - 16 squares for free.

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There are some good synergies not mentioned yet and some warbands made with powerful minis:

- 4 Githzerai Monks with young master and some fodder.
- Korducopia: Aspect of Kord, Cleric of Dol Arrah with Bat Familiar, Couatl, Dragonmark Heir of Deneith and fodder.

- Warpriest of Vandria, 5+ Xenidrik Champions and fodder.

- Ultroforge: Fire Giant Forgepriest, Ultroloth, Dragonmark Heir of Deneith and fodder.
- Red Hand War Sorcerer, 3+ hitters (Duergar Champion, Zakya Rakshasa, Greater Barghest) and fodder.

- 3 Large Black Dragons with a strong commander like Ryld Argith or Werewolf Lord and fodder.
- Variations of the former switching Large Black Dragons with Large Shadow Dragons.