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Hi All!
Not sure if this question has been posed before.
Monster Menagerie 2 Goblin Fanatic

Headstrike with Bloodrage
Would that be 2 auto crits vs different targets or 1 auto-crit and then a "regular" bloodrage attack vs another target?

Inquiring minds want to know.


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Always a good idea to quote power text when asking questions.

[] m Bloodrage: +10 vs. AC; 15 damage AND repeat
this attack against a different target (once per turn).
Q whenever this creature starts a turn bloodied.

[]Headstrike: Use when this creature makes an
attack with combat advantage: The attack is an automatic hit and a critical hit.

Headstrike is usable with an attack. Bloodrage is an attack action, that includes up to two attacks. So assuming the goblin has combat advantage, you can use Bloodrage, and declare that the first attack is a crit. Then, since it hit, you can repeat the bloodrage attack vs a different target, but the second attack will not be a crit (unless you roll a 20 Smile ).