Epic Giants: vote for the best!

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Epic Giants: vote for the best!

Entries are in.

Everyone can vote for the best warbands. Each voter selects a 1st (5 points), 2nd (3 points) and 3rd place (1 point) warband. One cannot vote for one's own warband.


- Theme is "Epic Giants": Giant and Ogre keywords should dominate. Ogre keyword is considered in-theme due to kinship
- 500 point limit
- 10 creatures maximum
- Normal warband building rules apply (so items are allowed)
- No map choice, so assume game could be played on a random map
- A single entry per participant

Judging criteria
- Warband efficiency
- Sticking to theme
- Warband coolness and originality

Votes must be in by February 22, 2018 at the latest.

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Enraged slayers

Borderlands, Evil

Imyrith [150]
Stone Giant Elder x1 (with Helm of Command) [85+9]
Frost Giant Slayer (Axe) x2 [88x2]
Half-Ogre Barbarian x3 (with Cursed: Lodestone x1) [25x3-3]
Timber Wolf x2 (with Cursed: Shiny Ring x2) [5x2-2x2]


Cloud Giant Captain 130
Fire Giant Runelord 92
Frost Giant Slayer 88
Warpriest of Hextor 52
Githyanki Warleader 39
Classic Ogre Mage 29
Astral Giant x 2 56
Merchant Guard x2, one w/Cursed: Rot Scarab 14


Storm Giant Thundered 101
Fire Giant Raider 117
Frost Giant Jarl 102
Oni 3 x 38 = 114
Astral Giant 2 * 28 = 56
Infernal armor 7
Goblin Skirmisher 3


King Hekaton
Hill Giant Chieftain
Countess Sansui
Lyrandar Sky Captain
Merchant Guard x 2 plus two Rot Scarabs
Valenar Commander


Stone Giant Elder (85)
Frost Giant Jarl (102-5=97)
Cloud Giant Captain (130-5=125)
Frost Giant Huskarl (69-5=64)
Frost Giant Huskarl (69-5=64)
Classic Ogre Mage (29)
Dwarfbred Griffon (25)
Bandit Captain (13)
And a rot scarab (-2).


Warband: We Heard There Were Giants!?

Vasara, Avenger (124)
- Brigg's Bold Battlestance x2 (12)
Crag Ungart (61)
Bruenor Battlehammer (53)
Warpriest of Moradin (49)
- Ointment of Restoration
Shield Dwarf Wizard x2 (96)
Cattie-Brie, Human Archer (48)
Battle Plate Marshal (43)
Shield Dwarf Fighter (5)
Hill Dwarf Warrior (4)

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Added a voting deadline.

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So, after (most careful) consideration, here are my votes. As before, all warbands have something goint for it. I'm always like, "yeah, I like this creature too" Smile.

1st: Ira. Yes, I know, no giant in his warband. But, hey, they're dwarves. Just too cool not to vote for them. And I argue that they are in-theme, since giants are the dwarve's long-time enemies. I love the ton of powers that come from the dwarves, and they still remain, for me, the most fun warbands to play (even though they're not competitive with the best, they can hold their own in friendly tier-2 games).

2nd: Alepulp. The Hekaton/Lyrandar combo is neat. The Chieftain to grant threatening reach is nice and might offer some cool battlefied control, in addition to the small +5 bonus. I'm not sure about the Valenar Commander, presumably to increase the Chieftain's range 10 attack, but in the end I also like the mixup between old figs and a few new powerful ones.

3rd: Tried. I've always liked the Jarl (and almost voted for Koen in #3 because of him). The Cloud Giant Captain and is cool, and the giants with the griffon are interesting. The bandit captain is a fun filler.

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The bandit captain works with a teleporting giant, particularly if the giant has reach and multiple attacks. Because it triggers at start of an ally's turn, you know when to use it.
Most of the time, the trick works for 90 damage from the Cloud Giant vs a big enemy.

In an organized play tournament, Ira's band would not be allowed. But that's your fault, Louis, because you should have made the contest Giant vs. Giantkiller.

Regardless of what your next contest is, I'm going to submit lizardfolk or aquatics.
But don't do it until the Merrow stars are released from ToA, because they are pretty cool.


Guildmaster Head of Organized Play

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" I'm not sure about the Valenar Commander"

The idea behind the Valenar is to extend the range of the Countesses' disintegrate to sight, instead of range 12...

My vote


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Tried: since you are judge when you vote, no problem in interpreting Dwarves to be out of theme. I like the trash-talk against Ira's warband though Smile (And even against the organizer Smile )

That said: cast your votes! (Where you can avoid the dwarves Smile ) Participants need to vote, since one cannot vote for his own warband and voting only means advantaging competitors, not voting is... Evil. Clearly.

And Aquatic warbands... They're really shaping up arent they. I like what you're doing with them. Maybe even Earth warbands - slowly - burrow forward... Ogrémoch willing... Still slightly behind the wave, but, there's some stone and earth in the crystal ball...

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Skyscreaper 0.90 0.73 0.80 81.0
Koen_______ 0.80 0.95 0.80 85.0
Alepulp____ 0.75 0.79 0.95 83.0
Tried______ 0.85 0.91 0.80 85.3

1st Tried
2nd Koen
3rd Alepulp

All warbands appeat cool to me, with similiar mix or brawny and threatening big creatures. That said, I prefer Alepulp King Hekaton "noble" themetic warband.

Giving the lowest efficency score to a Alepulp's worband may be a sacrilege. Anyway, considering my limited experience and no pratical test with these warbands, I favoured those having more combos, greater overall mobility and attitude to instant-kill enemies.
In a competitive play, I would favour Skyscreaper's one.

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In an organized play tournament, Ira's band would not be allowed.
I actually didn't expect Louis to even let it into the contest, and I find it particularly entertaining that he gave it his top vote. But, these contests are a good reminder that tournament organizers can add special rules to spice things up, as long as they advertise in advance and make it clear what the variant rules will be.

My votes:
1) Tried - I've liked Stone Giant Elder + Frost Giant Huskarl combo since it came out

2) Alepulp - I think this warband will be quite strong, and I think King Hekaton is one of the most powerful 150 point pieces out there, even though I haven't seen many tournament reports with it yet.

3) Skyscraper - The variety of giants all on a single team is interesting and flexible, and I suspect this would be strong too.

Overall, it was a hard choice because I think Koen and Shinsek's bands are great too. Nice entries! Thanks for organizing, Skyscraper!

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Last day to vote today!

The participants are particularly encouraged to vote. This friendly system is obviously unbalanced if only some participants vote and not others, because since a participant can't vote for his own warband, not voting serves that participant's (machiavelic) ends Smile

So... vote!