Damage boost for evil human?

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Matob Matobsen
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Damage boost for evil human?

Hi there,

are there some minis that might help to boost damage for evil human?

Or some other kind of boost maybe?

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I've designed (but not tried yet) a 200-5 warband that includes

Blackguard on Nightmare 68
Thrall of Blackrazor 43
Cleric of Sune 34
Voice of Battle 29
Shadowdancer 28
Cursed Lodestone -2

The problem with the Cleric of Sune is that her boosting CP affects all humans, not just allies. Apart from that bonus, she does have one use of a strong healing power (30HP) and one use of a Confusing attack. But she is a bit fragile and has low attack bonuses.

In the format I designed her for, players can choose between two warbands so the only-humans restriction becomes almost obsolete: if you face non-humans you can use her to full efficiency.