civilisation beholder sugestion

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civilisation beholder sugestion

I trying build army with my 500+ minis with very first civilisation only beholder (MM2) but I cant find any good companyon for him... any idea for good 500 pt and 200 pt army?

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In 500 play do you plan to use the 333 or 100 point Xanathar? If 333, then it's mostly about supporting him; if 100, then it's also about him supporting others, IMO.

In both cases, allies that impose the Dazed condition seem relevant to me. This would allow him to cause Helpless with his Blast, and to deal +10 Sneak Attack with his eye rays.

Allies that grant movement would also be good, because of its slow Speed 4. Its CP2 can be used to move itself, so you can partly mitigate this, it depends if you plan on using the Xanathar with stealth allies; if so, using its CP's to move it will reduce the number of rounds you can grant the bonus to stealth allies with CP1.

In 500 point play, the Manshoon seems like an interesting option, because both creatures impart Daze and benefit from attacking Dazed creatures.

In 200 point play (and perhaps 500 also) the Witchknife and Voice of Battle would be interesting options to Daze. A low cost filler that Dazes is Iadalbode.

I'd most certainly consider using at least one, and possibly 2 or 3, Merchant Guards to protect the Xanathar. The Gnome Trickster is also an interesting option to make the Xanathar invisible: you can avtivate it immediately after the Xanathar in a pair of activations to use invisibility, that way the Xanathar is invisible until the next round, and when it attacks it will do so with Sneak Attack bonus damage on its first attack.

In 200 point play, a couple of Drow Scouts would be a good Stealth option to use the Xanathar CP1 bonus damage efficiently. Otherwise, I like the Shadow Flayer and the Blackspawn Exterminator (the latter always ends up being useful) in Stealth if you're looking for 40-ish point creatures, or the Lolth Sting and Drow Assassin for lower cost creatures.

In 500-8 you could for example consider building a Stealth warband:

Xanathar (100)
Manshoon (94)
Drow Captain (47)
Shadow Flayer w/cursed lodestone (38)
Blackspawn Exterminator X2(39)
Gnome Trickster 27
Drow Scout 18

This spreads the points a bit, but you have a few creatures that get a potential +4/+15 damage output during a couple of rounds. If 500-5, you can go with

Xanathar 333
Mashoon 94
Voice of Battle 29
Shadownbane Inquisitor 36
Merchant Guard 8

Shadowbane Inquisitor is there to move up and take damage Smile to slow down enemy creatures basing the Xanathar. Or replace Shadowbane Inquisitor with Oni and Rot Scarab item (to Merchant Guard), but while I like the Oni, it is fragile and needs to be kept away from firepower, while this warband needs a bait. Or replace the Shadowbane Inquisitor with Skullscleave Warrior with Lodestone (to Voice of Battle) and Rot Scarab items (to Merchant Guard).

In 200-8, I'd consider something like

Xanathar 100
Voice of Battle
Soulknife Infiltrator 24
Drow Scout x2 36
Merchant Guard w/Cursed: Rot Scarab 6
Iadalbode 5

The 100 point bonus to Stealth with the CP of the 100 point Xanathar is less interesting at +2/+5, so some CP uses can be used to move the Xanathar.

I'm unsure that these warbands do not fire in two directions at once (Dazed, Stealth) and lose efficiency in doing so, so let's just call this creature brainstorming more than an actual warband suggestions Smile You could also abandon either one of those to options to concentrate on the other; or if the Gnome Sneak is onboard, add a hard-hitting unit to take advantage of Snake Swiftness; etc...

Let us know how your game goes, I'd be happy to hear (whatever warband you play).

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thankyou for realy big answer Smile My Manshoon coming from trollandtoads this week, I played yesterday 200 pt with 2x gnome tricksters + goblin runner + homunculus + farmer.. Opponet with my lovely 2xskullcleavers as raiders on warhorse and griphon. + some fodder. Xanathars minors for stun is usefull but i no have damage.. and 90 hp going down too fast.. i Slide SC from griphon easily but I cant avoid critical. Invisible not help, because critical hit is autohit, and conceal not count. I hope for better with manshoon Smile

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Thanks for the report! Smile

Conceal/invisible still counts vs (auto)crits by the way. An auto-crit is simply a "roll of natural 20" without having to roll the die. At least, as far as I know.

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Critical hits ignore conceal.

Battle rules 2011 p.11 Attack Roll

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Wow. I have never played with that. Oh well this is not the first time I am wrong, is it? Smile

Thanks for clarifying this.