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Matob Matobsen
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Vassal game


after some time I am tempted to have some games over Vasal. if someone interested, let me know - located in Czech republic.


plastic finn
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Hi... and sorry Matob! Very interested (and very convenient time zone) but not a single night free within the next week at least! Would be nice to play any format with you once it gets easier to schedule. I'll definitely send you a message if I happen to find a pocket of time in the near future.

We've played in the Netherlands in 2010, have we not? I mean, I remember the game but I'm not 100% sure if "you're you". Smile

Anyway, hopefully you'll find company. And I hope DDM will pick up again on Vassal in general, just got to find time to contribute to that.

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I'm not available on the European time zone for the next 10 days.

This said, I'm still hoping that someone will post a "how to" document for explaining how to use Vassal and where to get the DDM files that are presumably to be used with the online engine (I assume the latter is easy to find). I posted a request a couple months ago, but I have not gotten a reply yet.

So, when time allows, and if I have what's necessary to play, I'd gladly participate.

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Hi, Matob

I have free time these days and I am avaible for some games on Vassal. I'm in Italy.

Matob Matobsen
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Seems like I found your post really late..