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Success using

Hello All!

I thought I'd report that Skyscraper and I had good success playing asynchronously via If you want to see the results of our game, and the chat log, you can join here:

And once you've joined that and signed up (for free), you can see the full chat log here:

We played a 200 point Arena match. It took us ~1 week of real time, and we stopped play after 2 rounds because the match was decided. It turns out that Cattie-Brie + 7th Sigil + Lyrandar + Kalliroth is quite strong. Smile

In our next match, we are banning 7th Sigil, because 75 damage output at range in one turn is too much. I think that item should definitely be nerfed in some way. I think max 2 attacks per turn would be fine. Or allow 1 attack as a free action, max 1 per turn.

Anyway, the game went well. It required a bit of setup with uploading images, but that was easy enough given all the Vassal files. We each checked the game 1-2 times per day, and that worked well.

I'm happy to play another game with someone else, if you're interested. I recommend starting with Arena for your first game. We're trying an Assault game now!

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I'm very happy to hear it worked out for you. Though I still hold my reservation that DDM does not really work in asynchronous mode since so many pieces have stuff that they can react with. Also, I don't see a way of confirming paths that creatures take to assess oa availability. Either way, you guys enjoyed it and that is really all that matters.

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I agree that the asynchronous system is not perfect and requires some accommodations, in particular with regards to immediate actions. We've effectively agreed to rewind actions back to any action that might be interrupted by another, retrospectively. We'll see if this causes problems.

For OAs, we didn't dicuss it, but presumably we'll simply trust each other to call out OAs if there are any in a given creature's path.

We'll see in a larger and probably longer game, how that plays out. Two rounds in Arena is perhaps too short a test ride for any overarching conclusions to be had, in our case. We found that it went well enough to try another game. Personally, I'll wait a bit before calling this a success, but the format has been fun for the little we played it.

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I just started playing a Shadowrun campagaign on D20 and really like the site. I'm surprised this topic didn't get more replies as it seems like a great way to play. I checked out the game and it looks good. Did you just use stock photos of the minis for your icons? Are they available in the downloads here somewhere?


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The Vassal module has mini images, and also you can get them via the webcard site (though you'll need to resize them a bit):

I do like and I'm open to playing a game if you'd like...

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Louis and I are trying out another game on Anyone who wants to watch along can go here:

It's Arena 200. We both chose Pirate Cove.
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Should be interesting!

I also wrote up instructions for how to setup games yourself, if you want to give it a try:

Log in to

Click the Create New Game button

Enter a title for the game (e.g. Ira vs. Skyscraper, Arena 200, 8-26-16)
Click I'm ready, Create Game! button

In the upper right, click the blue page icon, which is called the Page Toolbar. When clicked, it will dropdown a list of pages for this game. The one labeled "Start" has the Players ribbon on it, which is the default view.

Mouse-over the Start page, and when you do, a gear icon will appear, labeled Page Settings. Click it.
For an arena game with a 22x17 map, a good page size is 32 x 17 (instead of the default 25x25). That will give you some room to the left and right of the map for notes. Pick any size you want.

Click the Page Toolbar button again to hide the list of pages.

On the upper left, note that you can change the zoom level by click on the magnifying glass (4th from the top). Choose a zoom level to your liking, based on your monitor size and resolution.

On the upper left, click the cube icon (2nd from top), and then click the "Maps and Backgrounds" button. We'll put the game map on this layer.

On the upper right, above the chat area, there is a picture icon (2nd from the left) called Art Library. Click it.

Now, upload all the images you'd like to use for this game, including the map, minis, etc. It's probably easiest if you start from what's available from the Vassal module. You can drag-and-drop directly onto the grid, or you can use the Upload button. If you're uploading .gifs, you need to drag-and-drop directly onto the grid.

Once the map image is in your Art Library, click and drag it onto the grid. Resize it to fit appropriately. Assuming the map is nicely cropped (exactly 22x17 and no extra partial squares), you should be able to get it to line up nicely with the grid of That will be useful later when moving creatures around.

On the upper left, click the 2nd icon from the top (where the cube used to be) and change back to the Objects and Tokens later. Add all the creature images from the warbands involved, by clicking and dragging them from the Art Library.

To make gameplay more convenient, it's useful to add various stats to each of the tokens. Double click on the token to open an "Edit Token" page. Enter the mini's name and click "Show nameplate?". Also, it's probably helpful to track the mini's current HP here. In the GM Notes, you can list single-use powers that are available or have been used. You could also write in defenses and movement for convenience.

To track which creatures have acted in a given round, you can click on the creature, then click the circle icon below it, which pops up a selection of icons and colored dots. Assuming no colorblindess issues, I use green for "hasn't acted yet" and red for "already acted this round."

For convenience, it's probably a good idea to add 2 more pages (Page Toolbar -> Create New Page) and upload the warbands for easy reference.

Go back to the main site (in the chat area, click on the settings icon (far right), scroll down to the bottom, click Exit Game).
Click on the game you just created.
Click on the "Invite Players" button to the right.
Copy-Paste the "Share Link" URL to send to anyone who wants to join the game.

To roll, type into the chat:
/roll d20

To know when it's your turn to act, you just need to check regularly. Alternately, the other player can email you when it's your turn.

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Do you ever finish this game?

NM. Saw it was finished.

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Yes, it was a victory by Ira, in a closely fought match. We played a second game also. And, when time allows, we plan on playing more. It's quite a fun way to play, if schedule for real-time games is a challenge like it sometimes is for me. It's also a nice time-off from work during daytime Smile

I've also started playing with another friend of mine, who lives in France, since after that first or second game with Ira. We're now starting our fourth game in this format. I like it.

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going through tutorial now

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If you want to play a game, simply drop me a line, for example in this thread or by PM. It's very simple to lear, no need to go through the tutorial. At least, I didnt. The only "complexity" lies in downloading all the creature info into the game, and that's simple copy-pasting.

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I'm gonna have to dig out my mini's now