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Looking for theme warbands

Hey all, I was a bit bored and decided to try some storybased DDM-gaming. Of course, to do that I need some opponents... So who would like to play a themed warband against my 200 points of halflings on Vassal?
I'm looking for 'racial' teams, so minotaurs, orcs, elves, goblins, giants or something like that. No divine or psionic warbands.

Feel free to ignore the rambling story introduction:


My uncle finally died. Only a few short years ago we celebrated his one hundred and forty-fourth birthday. My relatives and I could not suppress the feeling that we were only invited so the guest count could reach one hundred and forty-four as well.
Now, while rummaging through the chest that my uncle left me I feel somewhat ashamed of that thought. It’s only a small amount from the huge treasure pile that’s rumoured to be hidden in the old mans house, but it is still an exceptional gift. If my uncle liked me enough to bequeath this to me, I can only assume that he did like me after all. This is enough to finally have a shot to fulfil my duty.
I probably should explain that. Years ago I was chosen to be the champion of Yondalla. A very honourable, but mostly ceremonial, position in our society. As the champion of the main Halfling goddess it is my duty to represent our race in the interracial tournaments. The last few champions pretty much ignored that duty, choosing to use their status to dine and wine in the capital city instead. But I swore to be different. To be worthy of my title.
For years, I have been attending single combat tournaments. Seven or eight a year. Most of the time I was the smallest of the participants, although every now and then a kobold or goblin showed up. Once I even encountered a dromite wilder who was a few inches smaller than me. Usually I fought opponents twice my size though, sometimes the difference was even bigger.
During my first tournaments I usually lost to humans, orcs, ogres or other powerful brutes.
But Yondalla helped me endure. Sometimes literally, her clerics resurrected me more times than I care to remember.
I trained and trained and eventually I developed some special tactics that helped me against bigger opponents. Last year I won m first tournament, bringing down a fearsome minotaur in the final match. It had been over a century since the last Halfling victory and when I returned to my home it felt like the entire Halfling race welcomed me and celebrated my victory with me. I even saw my uncle amongst the crowd, maybe he changed his will after that?
However, as many of my fellow Halflings reminded me, true glory can only be won in the team tournaments.
I called upon their pride, challenged them to form a warband with me and to fight for eternal glory. They snubbed me.
My people are not really interested in combat. Many of them know how to fight, we have an army after all, but they prefer their peaceful lives. I guess that I can not really blame them, but I admit that I was disappointed by their lacklustre reaction.
Although, truth to be told, some halflings answered my call. The first was Lidda, a young but talented rogue. I sometimes wonder if she joined me out of noble reasons or simply because she quickly had to leave town, but it doesn’t really matter. She is stealthy and decent with a bow and a dagger.
As if that was not enough, she was the one who recruited our next ally. Her friend Hob was a bit of an unfriendly, shady type, not one who I would normally prefer in my warband. But beggars can’t be choosers. He has an unusual talent to hide himself and does an impressive amount of damage when he surprises an opponent.
For a few weeks I trained with the two rogues. Although they worked hard I admit that I was a bit disappointed. I knew that I would never stand a chance on a tournament with only those two to help me.
But then Tolman showed up. One of the lightly armoured outriders that patrol our borders. I couldn’t shake the feeling that his warhound mount had followed Hobs trail to my camp. But the man was friendly enough when he asked me what I was doing. After I explained to him how we were trying to create a tournament warband he looked thoughtful, then he suddenly smiled and asked me if I could use him. Of course, I accepted.
Our training improved leaps and bounds after that. While I have a lot of experience in single tournaments, Tolman actually has been involved in actual skirmishes. He has an uncanny gift to exploit weakness in his opponents.
His inclusion made our ragtag warband more serious and I actually started considering our chances. I knew that a regular tournament, which usually saw warbands of eight to ten combatants would be too much for us. But there were smaller tournaments, where so called ‘half warbands’ fought each other. They were not as prestigious as regular tournaments, but nothing to laugh at. And maybe some more Halflings would want to join us if we performed well on them.
I was tempted to sign up for one of those.
That is, until my uncle died and I inherited a big chest filled with gold. This offered me a lot of opportunities. For a fleeting moment, I considered hiring mercenaries from other races. Elven warlocks and archers, human sellswords and mages or dwarven defenders. Or maybe even more exotic mercenaries, like dragons or trolls.
But soon, I came to my senses. I am the champion of Yondalla, so I should work with my fellow Halflings, not with exotic mercenaries. Beside that, while most tournaments were won by ragtag combinations of fighters only the pure warbands earned pure glory. Sometimes they did not even need to win to achieve that. People still talked about the warband of eight kuo-toa whips that literally electrified the arena for example.
While my countrymen were not really interested to fight for glory alone, some gold might do the trick.
I decided that two irregular rogues were enough for my warband. So I ignored Lidda’s suggestions to hire more rogues or even a few brawlers. Instead, I visited the barracks in the capital. After a short talk with the commander, that considerably lightened my money pouch, he gave me permission to talk to his troops, on the condition that no more than six could join with me.
Of course, I immediately went to the clawfoot rider encampment. They are our nations best and most experienced fighters. Well, beside me I guess. Once again, I was snubbed. They told me I didn’t have enough money for them. For a second, I considered appealing to their feel for glory, but if it hadn’t worked before, why should I try again?
Disappointed, I left the encampment and entered the surrounding area where the regular troops were housed. There was a bit of a commotion to my left and I decided to go and see what was happening.
Two brothers, Calkin and Flambard, had just returned from a quest. They were slingers and had been on a journey to find a mystic stone. Apparently Flambard had found one quickly, but had accompanied Calkin who needed weeks to find his own. I saw the excitement in their eyes when they talked about their adventure and figured that they might be interested in joining me. I quietly asked some of their comrades and they assured my that both brothers were very capable slingers.
After I introduced myself they quickly agreed to join me. However, they had one condition. They wanted their girlfriends, Carissa and Mirabella, to join as well. According to them their girlfriends were the finest archers in all the land. I am not entirely sure of that claim, but after the two girls showed their skills and were actually interested to join I happily invited them.
Suddenly, my warband was almost filled. We now had eight combatants, while no more than ten are allowed. Although Snig, one of the most famous goblin champions, often cheats and claims that their smaller size makes up for their bigger numbers I felt that I, as a champion of Yondalla, could not do that.
So, I had two places left to fill. While I considered my warband I realised that I had a lot of ranged fighters, but lacked strong fighters to protect them. I then knew what I had to do.
I left the barracks, followed by the four newcomers, and marched to the church of Yondalla. There, I explained my problem to the prelate of Yondalla and told him that there were no stronger Halfling warriors than the paladins of Yondalla. I argued that I had been fighting for Yondalla’s honour for years now and that it was time that the church helped me.
Eventually the man agreed and summoned two of his well armed paladins. They listened to his explanation before I added my own words. Eventually, they agreed to join my warband. With Adelard and Garret next to me I returned to our training area.
Lidda, Hob and Tolman were pleasantly surprised.
The two paladins refused my money, claiming that their service to Yondalla was all the payment they needed. This gave me the opportunity to buy better equipment for my warband, although I decided that my own armour and swords, which had helped me through countless single tournaments, were good enough. All of the others received some nice gifts though.
Now that we have trained a few weeks, during which I focused on teamwork and my own experiences against larger opponents, I feel that we are as ready as we will ever be. Although, before we enter a tournament I would like to do some practise fights. I knew that some of my old opponents from the single tournaments also moved on to the more prestigious team tournaments and I sent some messages. Tomorrow will be our first fight.
I will not tell this to my allies, but I am very nervous. While I have confidence in the skill of my fellow Halflings, I know that we have some glaring weaknesses. Especially our lack of arcane allies might be our undoing. Time and time again I considered replacing one of our paladins, archers or slingers with an enchanter or a wizard, but in the end I decided not to. I needed the paladins, and the two brothers and their girlfriends are a very good team. Replacing one of the three who had first joined me was not really an option either. They were my friends by now, even Hob.
To be honest, I hope that some of our opponents might underestimate us. As far as I know there hasn’t been an all Halfling warband in living memory, so who would consider us a danger?. Beside that, I can only have faith in our own capabilities and in Yondalla. Even if tomorrow is only a practise fight, I will join Adelard and Garret in their prayers tonight.

Matob Matobsen
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Hi Koen,

I might offer you some armies, I think I can put together:
Drows, Humans, Orc, Dragons or Undead or Beast or Elemental(if it s race based army) - depends on your choice. Maybe goblins might be funny army too Smile

Will be pleased to get back to Vassal gaming nights.

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Just pick whatever race you like, I don't really mind Smile So, some evening this week? Tuesday and Friday are difficult for me, but other evenings should work.

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A few days ago my halflings faced their first opponent in Matobs elementals. Matob brought this warband: Earth Archon Rumbler x1, Ice Archon x1, Air Archon Zephyrhaunt x1, Fire Genasi Dervish x1, Azer Raider x2, 196 Points, 6 Creatures, 6 Acts, Champ 0,

Againts my halflings: Champion Of Yondalla x1, Halfling Outrider x1, Halfling Paladin x2, Halfling Sneak x1, Halfling Slinger x2, Halfling Archer x2, Lidda, Halfling Rogue x1, Mystic Stone x2, Obscene Wealth x1, 200 Points, 10 Creatures, 10 Acts, Champ 2, (stones on the halfling slingers, wealth on the champion)


I was lucky enough to ran into my old friend Matob the conjurer. When I told him about my plans he was friendly enough to summon a host of elementals for us to practice against. It might be a bit of an unorthodox warband to face in our first fight, but I’m sure that the powerful ice archon alone will be able to hone our skills.
Accompanied as it was by air and fire elementals I guess I should not have been surprised when I saw the nervousness among my friends when we walked towards the battlefield. Not alone did we face our first fight, but the towering archons were fearsome foes. Only the paladins seemed confident.
I figured that it was a good idea to have our first fight far away from curious eyes, so I suggested to Matob that we moved to the nearby tombs. They were ransacked by adventurers a long time ago and their broad corridors would offer a good practice area. Matob preferred to stay at the kings road, but in the end he agreed with my suggestion.

I readied my troops on the east side of a cold, damp corridor and told them to make sure to use our advantage in numbers and ranged damage.
Matob had obviously realized the same and he took full use of the sparsely available cover that was provided by walls and coffins.
Our team only managed a few shots before his ice archon closed up with us. Luck smiled upon us when Calkins mystic stone struck the ice archon, causing small cracks to appear all over its icy skin. Everyone who could attack the temporarily vulnerable archon did so, including myself. The creature dropped large chunks of ice left and right, but managed to survive our initial onslaught. Although it looked rather shaky.
Sadly I missed my second attack and seconds later I noticed the earth archon rumbling closer from behind us. The earthly monster rocked the earth all around itself and suddenly I couldn’t move anymore. I could not even show the excruciating pain that its attack caused me, which was probably a good thing, I can’t even remember the last time that I hurt so much from a single attack. My unblinking eyes told me that Hob had somehow evaded the attack. Moments later he also evaded the fire genasi, interrupting its deadly dance.
For a moment my paralyzed condition despaired me, but then a crossbow bolt flew past me and struck the ice archon. Lidda’s effective attack barely left the creature alive. Moments later a well placed stone finished the icy monster, I can only guess that it was Calkin again, but I never saw it. Instead, the earth archon entered my field of vision and stumbled past me. It ignored Hobs attack and once again attacked the entire area. I saw Hob once again evading everything before all became dark.
When the telltale blue light of a clerics resurrection spell awoke me I fully expected that we had lost the fight, but to my pleasant surprise my teammates had actually defeated the remaining elementals.
They all tried to tell me what happened, but in their excitement I could not understand a word of their chattering. I silenced them and asked Lidda, who had apparently survived until the end, to tell the story.
Enthusiastically she told me how Mirabella had killed the fire genashi almost singlehandedly. The air archon had been torn down by the two paladins and the two archers, while Lidda herself killed the surviving Azer raider. The first one had actually been killed by the air archon.
Flambard, the only surviving slinger at this time, managed to smash his magic stone into the earth archon before falling to its might fists. The earth elemental than stood alone against our paladins, archers and Lidda and although it managed to kill Garret the paladin it eventually was torn apart. I had to hide my surprise when Lidda told me that she landed the killing blow. As soon as she looked away I silently asked Adelard for confirmation, but even after the paladins solemn nod I had trouble believing the tale.
However, I am proud of my team. Even more so because they did most of it without my help. To be honest I am most surprised by the performance of Hob, who evaded a lot of deathly attacks from the earth archon and the fire genasi, and Lidda, who killed the earth archon and an Azer raider and came very close to killing the ice archon.
In the back of my mind I still considered them scoundrels with no formal combat training, but they did very well today. I wonder if this had been some kind of beginnersluck or if Yondalla had truly smiled upon me when Lidda and Hob decided to join me.

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Nice one ! Keep going !!! Cool

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I need more opponents for that Smile Although Matob mentioned something about a few other ideas...

I did make a vassal log btw, but not sure if I can attach files to this forum?

Matob Matobsen
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Yen, I love idea of using minis I always wanted to use, but never use them. My next ideas
are beasts, undead or shadows, minotaurs And orcs

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I had made several themed armies in the past before I quit playing. I could bring them back out if you'd like. They would be old though, have nothing newer than Desert of Desolation.

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So, i came across a group of dwarves tonight and told them you were looking for some extra training. They said they would be willing to help you out.

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Rumor has it there is a band of drow marauding through the country side in the foothills. One must also be wary travelling at night for there are undead about.

plastic finn
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Great read, Koen!
Thanks for this thread necromancy, DarkDestoyer.

When thinking theme, I've always felt that it would be fun to get giants into the mix. They're just a bit costly to pack into standard 200 by themselves, though. Arena is different, and the Stone Giant Elder from Tyranny of Dragons seems like a good champion with it's warband-building clearance sale prices. So, for the fun of it, something like this would be worth a try in a casual match, with it's unusually good movement (for giants) of the secondary hitters:

Arena 200/5 / BORDERLANDS

Stone Giant Elder (ToD) 85 Champ2 +6 Amulet of the Titans 91
Half- Giant Psychic Warrior (GoL) 37 +3 Elixir of Dragon Breath 40
Astral Giant (LoM) 23
Astral Giant (LoM) 23
Astral Giant (LoM) 23

Of course, should you prefer, you can make it more competitive or squeeze in more activations with "servants" from other races. By using just ogres instead of giants to follow the SGE you can actually get close to 10 acts (or to ten exactly with 9x Ogre [13] from Harbinger).

Talking about giants and "servants":

"Heavy Foot Mercenaries"
Assault 199/11 / BORDERLANDS

Ettin Mercenary Leader (EE) 45 Champ3
(cohort: Orc Heavy Foot [MM] 6)
Oni (DuDr) 38
Oni (DuDr) 38
Oni (DuDr) 38
Orc Archer-Ranger (BoG) 10
Orc Heavy Foot (MM) 6
Orc Heavy Foot (MM) 6
Orc Heavy Foot (MM) 6
Orc Heavy Foot (MM) 6
Orc Heavy Foot (MM) 6

Wink Could be fun in a themed battle.

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For the Giant warband, the Stone Giant Elder is 85 points, so I think you need an extra Lodestone for the 83. Vagar is evil, and does not benefit from the Stone Giant Elder, so Vagar comes in at 54 points (52 with the lodestone), which puts the total just over 200 at 204.

How about dropping the lodestones and one Astral, and adding an Ogre:

Stone Giant Elder (ToD 85),
Vagar, Ogre Lord (DC:BG 54),
Astral Giant (LoM 28, 23 from SGE) x2,
Ogre (Har 13)
(198 points-Borderlands-theme)

plastic finn
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Thanks for the keen eye, Moraturi! Don't know how I got that SGE wrong, but I do know I completely forgot Vägar's alignment. Rule #1 (note to self) when posting: always check your numbers! I often go by memory and it's probably not going to be my last error, although I'll try and keep that habit off the boards.

I edited the warband, should be ok now. I like Vägar's damage potential, so yours above is good too.