What set is this mini from?

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What set is this mini from?

I'm curious to know if anyone here knows the answer:

What set is that from?

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I believe that's the Feywild set symbol. There was a Feywild set planned by WotC at that time (2009), but it never got manufactured - at least as a whole. They switched to the "MM" sets. Many of the minis planned for that set got into the Monster Manual: Dangerous Delves set, released in May 2009.

I have a few minis with the Feywild set symbol of my own - a couple of War Devils and some others. They were mostly available as singles through various websites and ebay. Berbalang fits the scenario well, as it was also a part of the Dangerous Delves set.

As far as collecting goes, I think the Berbalang with the Feywild symbol is a bit more rare than the Delves one.

I hope this helps!

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Very helpful. Thanks!

Is there a list anywhere of the Feywild minis? Are there any Feywild minis that were released only in that set, or did all of them make their way into future sets?

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I vaguely remember a short list of an incomplete set I saw on a web site, but I don't remember where, and I could easily be mistaken. I don't know if the complete set was ever finalized. Only some of the minis got made and then showed up in some of the released sets of the time (like Dangerous Delves)