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Swamp vs Good

Cool game yesterday evening. Format 300-8, random map that yielded Haunted Quarry/Beholder Lair combo. (What a fun map by the way!)

I played:

Stone Giant 81
Khumat 51
Goliath Cleric of Khavaki 36
Black Dragon Harasser 35
Troll Scrag 32
Shadar Kai Witch w/ Lodestone 24
Visejaw Crocodile 24
Snaketongue Cultist 17

My opponent played

Solar Angel w/supernatural resilience 115
Alusair Obarksyr 46
Virtuous Charger 40
Dwarfbred Griffon 25
Halfling Paladin 21
Air Genasi Rogue 20
Earth Shujenga 17
Eberk 16

Although I managed to stun Alusair with a stone giant rock to stop her from acting, the game started badly for me since early on round 2 Khumat was destroyed by a crit from Solar and then someone shovelled what was left of him, the only saving grace being that he managed to hit Solar before dying, immobilizing him.

A quick death by the end of the round followed for my visejaw crocodile, who was the victim of a buffed double attack from the virtuous charger and finished by the air genasi rogue. The Croc also had time to act before dying at least, also hitting the virtuous charger and immobilizing it too, in between the two activations that finished him.

I also had a few bad rolls to start the game, and my troll scrag and goliath cleric of khavaki appeared like they might be too far to reach opponents as the battle raged, but my opponent over extended with his air genasi to kill the croc, and it gave the troll a charge, while the goliath missed Eberk (who was running for VP's) with his Immoblize ranged attack.

My opponent made the questionable decision to send Eberk out of the hot zone to a victory area, which ended up being a bad decision since he would have scored those points anyway in another VA and Eberk did nothing for the entire battle.

My bad decision went to opting for a rock thrown at Solar, forgetting about his Supernatural Resilience, so my opponent cancelled the stun on round 2.

By the end of round 2, I had scored 30 points from 2 VA occupations, while my opponent had 90 from 1 VA occupation + Khumat and Croc kills. I tried concentrating on Solar, dealt little damage overall, and my opponent healed the Solar twice; but I managed to Immobilize the Solar and the Charger, Stun Alusair, and Eberk was somewhere being useless. As my last actication on round 2, I however landed a triple hit with the black dragon's line 8, 20 damage acid breath, and recharged it with his CP.

The tide turned on round 3. I lost init, and the Solar acted to hurt me some more. I immediately after played the dragon breath again, and took out the griffon as part of another triple hit, avoiding additional hurt by the Solar from the Griffon's feathered distraction (I had already lost the Khumat to that!). Lucky rolls here from me, to balance the early bad ones. I then took out the Air Genasi Rogue with a nifty double attack from the bull-strengthed (from Goliath) troll, which still left me one attack to land on the immoblized charger, keeping away at reach 2 to avoid allowing him to hit this round! And then, I critted the Solar with my Stone Golem for 60 damage - I think he had 40 HPs left by then! I have to tell you, when I rolled that 20, my demonstration dwarfed any that PK Subban might have made after a cool goal Smile Until then, even with the heavy hitting by the black dragon, I thought that I was fighting a losing battle.

My opponent conceded at the end of round 3, with the Shujenga at 5 HPs, Alusair at 25 HPs or so who would probably die to the Stone Golem on round 4, the Solar, Griffon and Genasi out, the Charger bloodied, Eberk now only arriving at the scene; whereas on my side the Stone Golem had his Stoneskin on and he was at 95 HPs, and only the troll was anywhere near death, plus I still had the chance to save it with the goliath's cure or its own regen depending on init for round 4.

I was hoping to get some automatic damage in with the Khumat with all the immobilization I could do, which didn't happen due to an early death, but the immobilizations gave me good advantage in this game. I had two aquatic allies to allow the troll to heal, but never quite got there, I would have tried on round 4. The goliath/troll scrag combo worked well, the stone golem/snaketongue culist combo also, and the black dragon's mobility with line attacks was also very good. I note that the rechargeable breath with a CP, as opposed to it recharging when first bloodied like most dragons do, allowed him to breath twice in a row to deal mucho damage and that was a game changer. My opponent's MVP was obviously the Solar/griffon combo; while on my side the MVPs were the black dragon who did 120 points of damage within a time of three activcations straddling rounds 2 and 3, and the Stone Giant who did a bucket load also, combined with the Cultist of course, the cherry on the cake being his crit to take out the darn-tough Solar.

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As an anecdote, I had not realized the swamp theme to my warband, it was my opponent who pointed it out to me, I was more like "water and stone".

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Thanks for the battle report. Sounds like you had a lot of fun in your game. Games that swing back and forth are the most fun. I love reading these reports.

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Yep, cool game.

300-8 is my preferred format presently, with 200-8 coming in close second. 300-8 allows to explore a few additional options in 100+ points and to have less 15- points fodder, a bit more synergies IMO. Changes the minis that are used a bit, but with a similar feel otherwise.

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I don't know if I leaked it before, but DDM3 the standard format is 200/8.


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Nice game report! Nice team the swamp one! Thats the kind of team i like since i dont see those too often in games! Not one of those obvious ones!

Last time i played with Skyscraper he told me 200-8 was probably going to be the new format, so i'm guessing you arlready leaked somewhere Tried!


Always up for a good trade!

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I'll share thoughts on a couple of - to my knowledge - rarely seen creatures. I say to my knowledge, because I've simply not had anyone play them against me, nor have I read reports including them. But, I'm sure many here have used them, perhaps even regularly.

The visejaw crocodile has been a favorite of mine for as long as I've been playing RE. For a 24 point creature, he packs high damage (25, but +2/+5 within 6 squares of a champion, which is normally an easy to obtain bonus) and high HPs (65). Plus, his basic attack immobilizes large or smaller creatures, i.e. 99% of opponents. Of course, he has important drawbacks: low defenses (20/18) and low speed (5). And 5 speed on a large creature is a huge mobility issue. But of course you have to expect to pay something to get the upside.

So this creature is a polarized one, some good upside but some considerable downside. But I still like it because he can affect the game signicantly. The opponent can't really afford to ignore it: leave it alone for three rounds and he might well deal 90 damage and immobilize stuff. Well, it's not a 80-damage-in-one-round game changing unit, but still not bad. And if the opponent wants to use activations to take him out, he needs to grind through those 65 HPs, even if hits are pretty much taken for granted. So it takes heat off the more important creatures. In this game for example, my croc attracted the virtuous charger - good trade for me!

I have coupled the croc from the start with the Snaketongue Cultist. I like this duo that feeds off each other, the cultist is a champion to grant the +2/+5 bonus to the croc, and he can use the croc for snake swiftness. And both need to be close to each other for their power to work. In this case I had the Giant to use snake swiftness on, which I did due to better attack bonus, but assuming that the giant had been disabled somehow, the croc would have been a good fallback option.

The Goliath Cleric of Khavaki is also a creature I like, although perhaps not as cost-efficient as the croc IMO. I admit to being influenced by the sculpt that I like Smile Coupled with a multi-attack ally, such as the Troll Scrag, his Bull Strength can become interesting. His cure heals 20 HPs, which is a strong healing power. What I love is that those two actions are minors, and this allows him to either move some more (speed 5...) or attack. His 20 damage basic attack allows him to not be a burden, if not a significant damage-dealer; and his Hold Person attack can help. Now, he has mediocre defenses (20 AC) and average HPs, so he is quite fragile, especially since he's a melee unit; and his low speed (5) is a bummer. But, again, like the croc, he can be interesting. In a 200 point format, he takes up a lot of space, but in 300 I find that he's a cool addition. The way I like, hum, or make that try, to play him is to... try... to Bull Strength allies before he is engaged in melee. His slow speed, interestingly, helps him to survive longer, as he's less likely to be an early target for enemy melee units. The healing can be used at any time after that, including on himself. Hold Person can be used if he can't reach stuff. So even if he has speed 5, it's kind of OK because he can double move and use one of his minors, or use Hold Person from a distance.

Anyway, I'm aware that these creatures do not form a warband that would withstand the high damage output of the top warbands; but I thought it did okay in this friendly game. It survived the Solar/Griffon combo after all! Smile