Reminder: Item for Half-Elves

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Reminder: Item for Half-Elves

I just remembered that we discussed to bring in an item that allows a Half-Elf to become an Elf.

This was Skyscrapers proposal:

Born in the Forest
Wild – Half-Elf
Wild bloodline: This creature gains the Elf keyword.
Jealousy: your warband may not include any other Half-Elf creatures.
(+1 points)

In my opinion it would be very nice to have, could bring Aramil and others back to play. Maybe the item should be restricted to max Level 16 so Jousimies is excluded.

Here is the discussion from 2016:

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I think its ok to do something like this.

its also good to exclude higher levels - in any event, most elves will adopt a half-elf when young, but as the 1/2elf matures and come into their own, elves generally start finding conflict with them. (at least, this is a common trope).
Thus the mechanic works from a thematic level.


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Personally I view Half-Elves more from the Tolkien Perspective - they are very rare and the have to decide whether they belong to the Humans or the Elves. I know that most D&D Players have a different view here.

From a DDM view I would be glad if the Level cap is 11 and Borderlands is also included - so Half-Elf Bow Initiate and Warden of the Wood would get more options. Skyfire Captain (Level 12) and Tomebound Arcanist (Level 15) are powerful enough.