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John Flipp
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List of promo minis

Hey all,

I am looking for a checklist of all the promo miniatures that exist out there. That list would ideally include the very rares like black Raistlin, black Edminster and also the multiple promos of a same sculpt (like the Guenhwyvar).
Hopefully that list exist somewhere...

Also if anyone have any of those and more that I might be missing, I am willing to buy or trade them!!



Always up for a good trade!

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Here is a pretty comprehensive list. There are a few cases where I am unsure if the mini is listed twice. Without seeing the base info, it is difficult to know. I own the vast majority of these if you have any questions about specific aspects of the mini.
There are other sources for minis that might be considered promo-like which are not listed here (from releases like Dungeon Command, Heroscape, Boxed Board games, and Attack Wing). If you want a list of those minis, let me know.

Also, if anyone has knowledge of any additional promos, not on this list, let me know so I can update it.
I am also looking to fill out some of these. I am most interested in acquiring the WotC year end bonus minis and the Promos from the Down Under Cons in Australia.

Good hunting

Player Rewards series (78 minis):
D&DC01 Stalwart Paladin RPGA Jan 04
D&DC02 Daring Rogue RPGA Feb 04
D&DC03 Cleric of Nerull RPGA March 04
D&DC04 Daleland Militia RPGA May 04
D&DC05 Cleric of Lathander RPGA Apr 04
D&DC06 Duergar Warrior RPGA June 04
D&DC07 Hobgoblin Sergeant RPGA July 04
D&DC08 Bugbear Footpad RPGA Aug 04
D&DC09 Displacer Serpent RPGA Sep 04
D&DC10 Crucian Giants of Legends Pre-release
D&DC11 Bladebearer Hobgoblin RPGA Oct 04
D&DC12 Sahuagin Ranger RPGA Nov 04
D&DC13 Orc Sergeant RPGA Dec 04
D&DC14 Kobold Champion Aberrations Pre-release
D&DC15 Gnoll RPGA Jan 05
D&DC16 Iron Cobra RPGA Feb 05
D&DC17 Longtooth Barbarian RPGA Mar 05
D&DC17 Burning Skeleton RPGA Mar 05
D&DC18 Undying Soldier RPGA Apr 05
D&DC19 Bullywug Thug RPGA May 05
D&DC20 Renegade Warlock RPGA June 05
D&DC21 Forest Troll RPGA July 05
D&DC22 Large Air Elemental Angelfire Pre-release
D&DC23 Hobgoblin Impaler RPGA Aug 05
D&DC24 Longstrider Ranger RPGA Sep 05
D&DC25 Bugbear Chamion of Erythnul RPGA Oct 05
D&DC26 Dwarf Wizard RPGA Nov 05
D&DC27 Swarm of Spiders Underdark Pre-release
D&DC28 Half-orc Paladin RPGA Dec 05
D&DC29 Spider of Lloth RPGA Jan 06
D&DC30 Dolgaunt Monk RPGA Feb 06
D&DC31 Troglodyte Champion RPGA Mar 06
D&DC32 Warpriest of Moradin RPGA Apr 06
D&DC33 Lion of Tallisid RPGA May 06
D&DC34 Tiefling Blademaster RPGA June 06
D&DC35 Frost Dwarf
D&DC36 Combat Medic War Drums Pre-release
D&DC37 Wererat Rogue
D&DC38 Storm Archer
D&DC39 Cleric of Syreth
D&DC40 Doom Fist Monk
D&DC41 Huge Fiendish Spider War of the Dragon Queen Pre-release
D&DC42 Doomguard
D&DC43 Dwarf Sniper
D&DC44 Orc Wizard
D&DC45 Greenspawn Sneak
D&DC46 Medium Copper Dragon
D&DC47 Cormyrean War Wizard
D&DC48 Wild Elf Warsinger
D&DC49 Bugbear Gang Leader
D&DC50 Dwarf Battlerager
D&DC51 Vampire Hunter
D&DC52 Hobgoblin Marshal
D&DC53 Bluespawn Ambusher
D&DC54 Prisoner
D&DC55 Carnage Demon
D&DC56 Greater Barghest Night Below Pre-release
D&DC57 Rot Scarab Swarm
D&DC58 Animated Statue
D&DC59 Flame Snake
D&DC60 Boneshard Skeleton
D&DC61 Warhorse Desert of Desolation Pre-releasae
D&DC62 Spined Devil
D&DC63 Troglodyte Bonecrusher RPGA Apr 08
D&DC64 Gnoll Marauder RPGA May 08
D&DC65 Iron Defender RPGA June 08
D&DC66 Elf Archer RPGA July 08
D&DC67 Drow Wand Mage Dungeons of Dread Pre-release
D&DC68 Blazing Skeleton RPGA Aug 08
D&DC69 Ochre Jelly RPGA Sept 08
D&DC70 Cockatrice
D&DC71 Galeb Duhr
D&DC72 Chain Golem Against the Giants Pre-release
D&DC73 Human Bandit DnD Experience 08
D&DC74 Bugbear Warrior DnD Experience 08
D&DC75 Spiderbound Drow Warrior DnD Experience 08
D&DC76 Drow Assassin DnD Experience 08
D&DC77 Phaseweb Spider Demonweb Pre-release

Game Master Rewards series (15 minis):
GMR1 Dread Guard Archfiends RPGA GM Reward
GMR2 Scarlet Brotherhood Monk Giants of Legend RPGA GM Reward
GMR3 Mad Slasher Aberrations RPGA GM Reward
GMR4 Grim Necromancer Deathknell RPGA GM Reward
GMR5 Weretiger Angelfire RPGA GM Reward
GMR6 Xorn Underdark RPGA GM Reward
GMR7 Fiendish Girallon War Drums RPGA GM Reward
GMR8 Demonic Gnoll Archer War of the Dragon Queen RPGA GM Reward
GMR9 Celestial Giant Stag Beetle Blood War RPGA GM Reward
GMR10 Duergar Slaver Unhallowed RPGA GM Reward
GMR11 Kuo-toa Hunter Night Below RPGA GM Reward
GMR12 Cyclops Desert of Desolation RPGA GM Reward
GMR13 Shadow Demon Dungeons of Dread RPGA GM Reward
GMR14 Furious Owlbear Against the Giants RPGA GM Reward
GMR15 Ogre Pulverizer Demonweb RPGA GM Reward

Gen Con Promos:
Elf Ranger GenCon1 2003
Lizardfolk Harbinger GenCon2 2003
Orc Archer GenCon3 2003
Half-Illithid Lizardfolk GenCon1 2004
Rhek GenCon2 2004
Warforged Hero GenCon3 2004
Drow Rogue PLR1 RPGA Player reward - GenCon2004
Guenhwyvar GenCon1 2005
Dark Naga GenCon2 2005
Elminster of Shadowdale EdCon 2005 GenCon2005
Bluespawn Stormlizard GenCon1 2006
Skeletal Reaper GenCon2 2006
Gnoll Claw Fighter Promo GenCon2007
Raistlin Majere Black Robes Promo GenCon2007
Drow Demonbinder Promo repaint GenCon2008

Bluespawn Stormlizard Promo
Bronze Wyrmling Giants of Legend Promo
Cleric of Pelor 4eGD3/5
Crazed Kuo-toa SCC08
Cultist of the Dragon European Preferred Retailer
Cultist of the Dragon GAMA 2004
Dark Naga Retailer Promo
Dark Talon Champion European Promo
Dark Talon Champion GAMA07
Deathlock Promo
Deathlock Promo1 Spring Revel Down Under
Deathlock US Preferred Retailer
Defiant Rake 4eGD1/5
Dragonbalde Ninja Promo2 Spring Revel Down Under 05
Dragonblade Ninja European Preferred Retailer
Dragonblade Ninja Salute05 Salute 2005 Game Con
Drow Wizard Dungeon Command Promo Game Day 2012
Dwarf Axefighter Origins1 2003 Promo
Dwarf Mercenary Promo
Dwarf Mercenary SDCC1 Comic Con San Diego 2005
Dwarf Warlord 4eGD2/5
Elf Ranger Promo (?? GenCon)
Elf Warlock 4eGD5/5
Fiendish Snake Promo Spring Revel Down Under 2006
Fire Mephit Promo
Gnaw Demon Promo per AtG case
Gnoll Claw Fighter Promo
Guardian Mummy Promo
Guenhwyvar Promo1 Spring Revel Down Under 2005
Guenhwyvar FR 10/04 Salvatore Book (the Two Swords) Tour 04
Guenhwyver 20 years of Drizzt Promo1
Half-Illithid Lizardfolk Promo1 EU Championship 2006
Hill Giant Barbarian Promo Retailer Rewards UK
Hill Giant Barbarian PC Gamer #145 Promo 2005
Horde Zombie Promo
Horde Zombie Toy Fair
Horde Zombie WF2006 Winter Fantasy 2006
Human Fighter 4eGD4/5
Ice Archon Promo DDXP08
Ice Mephit Promo
Kobold Archer GTT08 (Gold Tier Tournament) Promo
Lizardfolk Promo
Lloth's Sting D&D Game Day 2005
Lloth’s Sting DDO: Stormreach Promo
Lurking Wraith Game Day Promo 2008
Medium Silver Dragon KSD Knights of the Silver Dragon promo
Mialee, Elf Wizard DVD1 Scourge of Worlds Promo
Mina, Dark Cleric DL9/04 Wies Book (Amber and Ashes) Tour 04
Mountain Orc D&D 30th Anniversary Game Day 2004
Orc Raider Archfiends Promo
Orc Raider European Preferred Retailer
Orc Raider WF2004 Winter Fantasy 2004
Pseudodragon Unhallowed release Promo
Rhek Promo2 EU Championship 2006
Scorpion Clan Drow Fighter Origins1 2005 Promo
Scorpion Clan Drow Fighter Promo1 Spring Revel Down Under 2005
Scorpion Clan Drow Fighter Promo1 UK
Scorpion Clan Drow Fighter Promo
Shadow Wizard World East Promo
Skeletal Reaper Promo Spring Revel Down Under 2006
Small Copper Dragon SDCC06
Small Copper Dragon Promo Spring Revel Down Under 2006
Small Fire Elemental War of Dragon Queen Prerelease
Small Fire Elemental Promo UK Nationals
Sorcerer on Black Dragon Dragon Magazine Promo
Spiker Champion Promo Codex
Spiker Champion Promo
Spiker Champion Promo2 Spring Revel Down Under 2005
Tavern Brawler Inn Fighting Promo
Tiefling Warlock Dungeons of Dread release Promo
Troglodyte Curse Chanter Promo
Vampire Dire Wolf Unhallowed release Promo
Warforged Bodyguard Promo
Warforged Bodyguard GAMA 2006
Warforged Fighter Eberron Pre-order Promo
Wizard Tactician Promo San Diego ComicCon 2006
Wizard Tactician Promo1 Spring Revel Down Under 2005
Yuan-ti Halfblood PC Gamer October 2004 Promo 2004
Yuan-ti Halfblood Sorcerer War of Dragon Queen Promo
Yuan-ti Halfblood Sorcerer Promo Spring Revel Down Under 2006
Zhentarim Fighter Archfiends Pre-release

WotC year-end bonus minis (4 minis):
Snowball 2007 repaint of Eye of Flame Dungeons of Dread
Spiked Nog 2008 repaint of War Devil Dangerous Delve
Snow Angel 2009 repaint of Angel of Valor Legionnaire Savage Encounters
Winter Umber Hulk 2010 repaint of umber Hulk Delver Desert of Desolation

DnD Starter Box (Black Dragon box):
Aramil, Adventurer D&DB1
Eberk, Adventurer D&DB2
Redgar, Adventurer D&DB3
Lidda, Adventurer D&DB4
Dire Rat D&DB5
Kobold Skirmisher D&DB6
Kobold Warrior D&DB7
Warrior Skeleton D&DB8
Wolf Skeleton D&DB9
Black Dragon D&DB10
Orc Warrior D&DB11
Trogolodyte D&DB12

DnD Starter Box (Blue Dragon box):
Blue Dragon ("Blue Dragon"; Deathknell)
Young Minotaur ("Young Minotaur"; Archfiends)
Harpy ("Harpy"; Dragoneye)
Gargoyle ("Gargoyle"; Dragoneye)
Goblin Warrior ("Goblin Warrior"; Dragoneye)
Goblin Sneak ("Goblin Archer"; Harbinger)
Evermeet Wizard ("Lanin, Elf Wizard"; Archfiends; repaint)
Cleric of Moradin ("Dothal, Dwarf Cleric"; Dragoneye)
Regdar, Adventurer ("Regdar, Human Fighter"; Giants of Legend)
Greycloak Ranger ("Carn, Human Rogue"; Archfiends)
Orc Mauler ("Orc Mauler"; Wardrums)
Warrior Skeleton ("Skeleton"; Archfiends)

John Flipp
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Thank you for the list!

Now I realize I am missing many of them... Shock


Always up for a good trade!

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You might also enjoy this article that Moraturi wrote:

I think he is likely the world's foremost expert on DDM collecting!

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I have SOOO many of these yet am frustratingly far from getting a complete set. I'm missing most of the overseas ones and the Snow angel. I haven't seen the snow angel for sale anywhere.

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Thanks, Ira.
If anyone is interested in some non-guild minis, I also have complete lists of:
all Heroscape minis and promos,
all Paizo Pathfinder minis and promos,
all Arkham horrors minis
as well as the other sources listed above (DC, boxes, etc) and some more obscure minis releases.
(and I actually own all of those. The WotC promos are harder to get complete sets of since there were so many, and some were only distributed in specific venues world-wide)

Edit- since first posted, I have found 2 more promos and added them to the list: orc raider AF promo, and Yuan-ti halfblood sorcerer WoDQ promo.