Hejki Miniature Assistant Updated MM2+classic+epic set

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Hejki Miniature Assistant Updated MM2+classic+epic set


Here is updated assistant:


Backup your "collection.xml" and warbands.

New things: lot of minor fixes, and new sets: Classic 2017, Epic set 2017 and Monster Menagerie 2.
It contain pictures minis from tomb of annihilation then next update will be only xml file TA.

Old vs revisited edition you can change click icon upper right next to sets.


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Thank you sir, this is very detailed and complete, I really appreciate it!


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Really nice!!

It would be even better with magic items (or are they already in? )

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yes, items are included, but I temporary disable them, because not complette yet.. you can go data/miniature-v2/99-items.xml and delete lines at end.. but cursed items is problem.. cant decrease army points.. you must make warband not 200/8 but 202/8

thankyou for positive respond. May be Ira answer me on private messsage Smile